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  1. I’ll probably get this. I like the idea of cutting the cases longer and just trim them once they go thru the sizing die.
  2. I’ve read mixed reviews on squirrel daddy jig and how people really have to mod it out for it to work right. anyone have luck using something else? figured there’s no USPSA season this year cause of the primer shortage so I guess I’ll make 300BLK ammo.
  3. I get extremely inconsistent lengths also. But I use this mostly for plinking ammo and SHTF ammo. Does the job and will hold MOA at 100-200 yards with a 55g bullet. Gotta widen your level of acceptability when using something like this. You’re introducing a lot of human error to the process.
  4. I got a pair of peltor tac sports and paid to get the gel ear cups right before nationals this year. BEST DECISION EVER. I don’t have to double up anymore and the electronics on it are wayy better than Howard lights.
  5. Under armor is your best friend. Use that for a base layer and put hand warmers in your magwell to keep it somewhat warm. In the winter I load up with hand warmers, under armor and my big jacket. Once the jacket comes off, I have like 10 min before the heats gone lol plenty of time to run a 30 sec. stage.
  6. this is what I thought also but wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one lol
  7. I got my paperwork filled out and the clock starting on my first suppressor on Monday. My question is relating to gas pressure. My buddy has an adjustable BCG so when he fires suppressed, he has less gas in the face. I’ve been looking into them and they are crazy expensive! So what’s the difference between this and an adjustable gas block? The gas block is way less expensive and sounds like it does the same thing. Thoughts?
  8. first off, this isn’t a question for any RO/CRO test. im designing a stage where I want the activator to be activated by a prop and can’t find in the book if this is ok. I didn’t know if this would fit into “free style” I was wanting to put in the WSB that you MUSTA ACTIVATE the stomp box with a suit case. If you activate using anything else, it will result in 1 procedural for each shot fired.
  9. My sights are way low on my gun and I’ve always perfected adjustable sights anyway. anyone have any luck with adjustable a for the p365?
  10. Lol I’m sure a lot of people are going to take a un scheduled break due to the dumb primer situation.
  11. Just got a caldwell brass catcher off Amazon for Black Friday. Took it to the range and it worked fine. If you reload your own 223 brass, then this is a must. Processing 223 brass SUCKS and this brass catcher makes life easier.
  12. What are you spray painting? I spray painted one of my ARs with rustolium from Home Depot. Gave me the finish I wanted but don’t know if it would hold up to some applications. Whatever you do, make sure you degrease the sh&t out of the metal.
  13. Talk to Adam at atlas. They will sub it out and whoever he takes it to does a great job.
  14. You might be able to take a file and open up the rectangle hole in the mag. Be very carful tho cause I’d you do it to much, your screwed.
  15. I’m interested to see one as well and how they lock into place.
  16. I’ve shot a hand gun this way for years even before USPSA. Made GM in limited shooting this way and don’t plan on changing. For me it’s just a comfort thing. every once and a while I grip the gun how most folks do and it’s really uncomfortable to me. when I teach people, I show them both ways and have them make up their own mind. If someone tells you 1 is better than the other, kick them as hard as you can in the shin.
  17. Haven’t tried that yet. I use reloader 15 that pushes a 175 out of my bolt gun. Crazy accurate load.
  18. I have a vortex PST 1-8 that I use for 3 gun and it rocks! Hurry and see if anyone has it for Black Friday sale. If you can’t, call optics planet and haggle. They will make a deal! I know this cause that’s what I did! Lol
  19. I’ve found last year that doing this really helps to keep the good vibes going! Every year towards the end of the season I fight burn out cause I’ll go so hard starting in February. Music really helps fighting the burn out for me! eben during a match I found that music helps take the edge off.
  20. Snipers hide helped me a lot when I shot PRS. Also YouTube follows like 8541tactical (former marine sniper) and tibosaurusrex. (Shoots extreme long range and teaches a lot about terminal ballistics.)
  21. I’ve used Lyman gauges on all my rifle calibers. I don’t check each round but spot check a couple every hundred or so.
  22. I usually swap out springs annually. I also use a heavier spring in my mags with allow longer life and won’t have the issue you’re having. I think it’s your spring. There isn’t e Pugh pressure on the follower to push the mag out of the gun.
  23. Looking for a magnifier that’s not trash but don’t really know much about them. does the glass in the red dot matter? Looking to get a holoson for Black Friday and in the future get a magnifier.
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