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  1. 2 hours ago, waktasz said: In the event that a competitor begins his attempt at the course 
    of fire prematurely (“false start” prior to the issuance of the start 
    signal) the Range Officer will, as soon as possible, stop and restart 
    the competitor once the course of fire has been restored. 



    I don't know why they wouldn't stop you right away but there isn't any time limit to the above rule. 

    Matt..you’re so damn smart. I want to be like you 

  2. On 1/14/2021 at 12:09 AM, Yoseppy said:

    I’m wanting to pick up a cz tso for a limited gun but was told this isn’t a legal gun because it’s sao. Am I blind in not seeing that as a rule?? 

    You were lied to my friend 

  3. First and foremost please read and understand the rule that DEFINES CREEPING! Hate it when people don’t know the difference between creeping and jumping the timer. 

    Anyway, does the RO have to stop you right away in order for the restart to count?


    If the shooter jumped the timer, the RO can’t tell you to restart the stage AFTER it’s completed right? 

  4. 15 hours ago, sstephns said:

    One thing I found, depending on who did the processing, is that the cases may need to be deburred on the outside from trimming. I had a ton not passing and couldn't figure out why. 


    Noticed some sharp edges, deburred all the case mouths, and now they all pass. 

    It’s odd cause the ones that didn’t fit, I beat it into my gauge and it still didn’t fit. 

  5. I finally got my cases today and they are already formed/processed. I went through to use my gauge to see if I need to resize any brass and 3 out of 10 need to be resized, not that big of a deal. 


    I set my dies up and some cases are sized and fit great in my gauge AND barrel. Then there’s some cases that I sized but still don’t fit in my gauge AND barrel! I properly set my dies in my press but still don’t know what the deal is. 


    I’m using a hornady gauge and Lee dies. I’m also using imperial die wax for lube.  All the brass is already sized and processed 300BLK brass. 


    Any ideas?

  6. I started out shooting single stack and gave a few thousand rounds on my aluminum mag well. It’s held up great over the years. It shows that it’s been in battle but it stil is great. 

    matbe 2 years of USPSA and 3 years of steel challenge 

  7. I don’t know what happened and don’t really care but this is ridiculous. Everything I’ve ordered thru them is taking longer than expected. Why does the government literally suck at everything they do?   

  8. 8 hours ago, Boomstick303 said:

    Keto will eliminate all of your joint pain as well.  It’s a good diet for long events, endurance events, etc.  I stay fresher much longer when in ketosis versus any kind of carb diet. 

    I’m 33 and I work construction. My right knee pain sucked when I had to go up ladders and high stairs. Pain is gone now! Can’t wait to shoot in 2021 after Doing some movement training in the winter. 

  9. Almost at 30 pounds in less than 2 1/2 months just by following a strict low carb, high fat diet. I need to get faster for next season and this diet is for real. Once I get down to 190ish I’m gonna start hitting sprints and other stuff to get my movement in and out of positions better. 

    I finally got on board when 2 of the guys who i shoot and train with did it and lost some serious weight. 

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