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  1. I just got a cheapo $17 dollar one that looks pretty legit from amazon. I’ll tell you guys about it after a week or so of wearing it
  2. Just picked one up at a shop today and am looking for a IWB holster.
  3. Take a look at saucony also if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on shoes. I got some cheaper but great trail running shoes of amazon after trying them on at REI. They are worn but I can get a second season out of them with no problem.
  4. I need a new paster gun and wondering if this is a better mouse trap.
  5. I’ll have to get one of those! Kinda annoying that you can’t see the powder anymore
  6. Been looking hard at the Dead Air line of cans and impressed with the specs, reviews and customer service. These are the reasons why I want a can: 1. FUN at the range/sound suppression 2. protect life and property 3. Because people (Liberals) hate them That being said, I’m leaning hard towards the Sand man S and not the K. I feel I’ll have more fun at the range AND be able to protect my s#!t with a medium length can. I feel if I touch a round off in my house with the K can, I’ll still have some hearing loss compared to the S. From what I’m gathering the K series (which is smaller and lighter) has about a 5 db rating less than the S. I like the middle of the road in both sound suppression and length/weight. Anything I’m missing?
  7. I’m not paying stupid money for that screw. There has to be something that’s mass produced for cheap. Anyone know where to find them? yes, I know you “don’t need it”. Don’t care, I want it back in.
  8. Mine is getting so bad that I can’t see how much powder I have left.
  9. 80k? DAA doesn’t make quality stuff but they are the only game in town so...
  10. Want to get it back to clear again. What do you guys use that doesn’t eat the plastic away?
  11. I saw that but it’s to late to make plans. Need a hotel and funds kinda set aside. I’ll be there next month if things don’t go back to normal.
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