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  1. I just separated a bunch of the NT primers to be processed. I have a swagit for my Dillon and that works ok for those cases. I’ve been running them thru twice and it seems to work ok. Still have some that are a pain in the ass to seat.
  2. The more time I am pulling the handle, the faster I can get done. I hate reloading So much but it’s a Necessary evil.
  3. Been looking for sometime now for a bigger Dillon priming tube system. Want to put more than 100 primers in my machine at a time. Anyone seen anything like this?
  4. This is my first year I’m shooting a steel match and I usually shoot USPSA. I’m going to use my limited gun that has a 11 pound spring for 180 grain major loads. What bullet and spring weight do I use? I want maximum reliability. I’ll trade “flat” for reliability while still being competitive.
  5. The honcho just looks like an ugly gun. I would probably go atlas tho. If the honcho looked cooler I would go PT but that’s cause I want to shoot open as I get older.
  6. Ya I’m pretty sure about that. Who shoots SS in 40 MINOR!
  7. Adam from atlas said that in one of his videos “to switch from major to minor depending on the match.” That’s stupid. You always want to shoot major if you have the option. The difference between the 2 calibers besides major is the round count. You’ll get more rounds with 40 than 45
  8. I messed with the angle and I’m getting upside down bullets lol I’ve thought about putting skateboard tape on the shims!
  9. I’ve had this feeder for 2-3 years now and it works ok. I was wondering if anyone made a guard to block the bullets from slipping off the very top of the feeder. The part that I’m talking about is where the shins are. I think the bullets are slipping off and me working the press makes the bullets fall out of the feeder. This happens 2-3 times out of 100 and it’s annoying.
  10. I’m currently building a “light weight SPR” and was thinking about going 18”. What gas length do I go with and why?
  11. Just 1. I have 2 spares cause I keep loosing them. After I get done I wrap them around the handles of my range bag so I don’t loose them. I haven’t had my gun belt fall off in a match or practice cause I use the keeper. During dryfire tho, my belt has fallen off. That alone will always make me use it when I’m dealing with a loaded gun.
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