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  1. Thanks for the info everyone! This is my first gun with a real comp on it so when I started reading about the woes of cleaning I got paranoid. I have no problem using a pick to scrape carbon and lead when I clean but a lot of posts talked about having to soak in cleaner for days or using ultra Sonic cleaners just to loosen the stuff up. Which got me curious. I'll stock with the same stuff I've been shooting and keep an eye on it.
  2. Long time lurker needing some advice. I have a sig mpx that I have been shooting for the past year. I have mostly been shooting federal syntech pcc ammo through it with great results. I recently ordered a jp gmr-15 and while waiting for delivery i was doing as much research as I could and was pouring over the posts here when I started to read about the woes of cleaning the compensator. Most of what I read stated that cleaning and keeping the comp on the gmr-15 (along with other conps and guns) is a pain with coated and plated bullets and that you should instead use jacketed bullets. Is my understanding correct? Do jacketed bullets (with enclosed bases) slow or stop the buildup of lead and carbon meaning you can clean less? Would shooting the syntech pcc ammo just lead to comp problems? If I should switch, what factory ammo should I look at? I saw multiple mentions of people spraying Dillon's case lube on their comp every 100 rounds to keep it clean and clear. Is the buildup really that bad? I'm probably way overthinking this, but I fell down the rabbit hope and am looking for any help I can get.
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