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  1. Good news is my town gave me the option of holding back my permits and not dating them during all this nonsense. So I won’t lose the time.
  2. Well that’s a little reassuring. Really at the end of the day, this is a 1911 frame/slide/fire control group mates to a cz75 grip. Both have been around for 40+ years. Hopefully there’s no teething issues where they mate.
  3. Preach. I heard some of the early p365s had issues. But I also heard it’s been rectified since. I hope CZ is better with quality during low rate initial production than Sig is. Does anyone know what CZ or DW’s track record has been like with all new models?
  4. Read my mind! I haven’t seen any reviews at all. And I am a little concerned about getting one of the first off the production line. Hopefully they design this thing well and it will not have several revisions to fix issues.
  5. True. Hopefully you’re right. Honestly, I loved the way that pistol shot. The feel of it and the ergos are just about perfect. I guess I’m just not a good enough shooter to push past the crappy trigger.
  6. 4 lbs Sounds good for a non legion. It’s concerning that there is such a variance in factory pistols coming from Sig.
  7. Ahh you don’t have a legion. Well that makes a ton of sense too. I’m sure the grey gun is an upgrade over the standard 320, but I never compared them side by side. I had to get rid of the legion because I would take a lesson and shoot all day with the legion. Then at the end I would put like 50 rounds through my cz with the same drills at the same targets and be way more consistent and accurate. So I figured instead of having $1200 into the legion, I’m going to just shoot my nicer pistols that I shoot better with anyway. so I guess for me the lesson was shoot with what you shoot best.
  8. I’m glad yours turned out well, but I sold my legion a few months ago because the trigger was trash compared to my cz and sti edge. I didn’t want to spend half the gun to fix it. My friend has a Grey Guns trigger in his legion. We compared the guns side by side and the difference was slight at best. My legion trigger pulled consistently 3.5 lbs. the GG has a slightly shorter reset (maybe 10%) and a slightly more defined break. The pull weight was identical. Let’s put it this way...it did not sell me on it.
  9. This makes total sense as to why the grey guns trigger doesn’t feel like much of an upgrade over the legion trigger.
  10. Thanks for sharing. No surprise here.
  11. No, see my above post. The product was designed to be used with the legion trigger bar. It will work with a standard p320, but it is not optimized.
  12. The AC trigger will work in a standard 320, but it is optimized when you installed the legion trigger bar, so that the legions geometry can be utilized while also having adjustable take up and reset. This according to the owner and designer of the product.
  13. Mig233

    CZ TSO 2016

    The trigger guard may be a different shape than the newer ones. The difference is very slight but keep that in mind when buying holsters. I found out the hard way. Some tso have the Czech mate frame and trigger guard.
  14. Def lighter recoil spring. This is assuming there’s nothing wrong with your extractor.
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