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  1. I could not see anything blocking the port. I have not had anytime to look into the problem further(I busted up my knee). My M&P AR15 did not come with the A2 front sight. It was this.
  2. I took it out yesterday and taking the advise given here, it was an oily dripping mess. The action was fast and very smooth and it felt totally different. My ammo is Federal (the usual target stuff, nothing hot) and my mags are Magpul. I only loaded 3 rounds in each of the 5 magazines. Result: It is short cycling. It fires and ejects the shell but does not grab the next bullet in line. After using all 5 magazines I'm Sure that it's a gas problem. I put a hand guard on when I first got it and that required a new gas block. Long story short, I have taken it apart again and I'm in the middle of correctly aligning and pinning this block. I should have never taken the original off and just used a shorter hand guard and that my end up being the right path to take after all is said and done. S&W does not dimple their blocks they actually pin them. My mistake. You guys have been great and I want to just say thank you all for the help.
  3. Lots of great info and I really appreciate it. Tore down my gun completely and it did have a bunch of crud and a very thick sticky lube through out that i removed. Today is my 1st opportunity to get out and shoot. I will leave feed back. I contacted S&W and got the automatic ticket number but no communication as of yet. Again thank you for the quick info.
  4. WOW great info and thank you. The bolt pushing a round out of the magazine and it is not chambering
  5. I have had the above mentioned gun for only a few months and finally got to get out and shoot.I purchased it brand new through my dealer whom ordered it for me. I am using good ammo and MagPul clips but I get light pin strikes and bullets will not feed up. I have less than 30 (thirty) rounds through this gun and I am very frustrated. What could be the problem and how do I fix it? Quick note: I used the very same clips and ammo with my DPMS same day same time without a single problem.
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