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  1. I have 2 RL1050s ( 1 large& 1 small primer setup). My goal is to put lock rings on all dies so that I can change calibers without losing adjustment. To do this I need powder dies for each caliber. The only dies I can find on Dillon's site are 550/650 and magnum dies. My question is; are the 550/650 the same as the 1050 powder dies? TIA Jeff
  2. The trouble with this whole discussion is that very, very few people carry the double stack guns. Whenever I have the discussion on carry guns and say that I carry a S&W Bodyguard 380 I get the pitying look and the reply that " I carry the Super Dooper XYZ123". When I ask to see it the answer is almost always " oh its in the truck/car". What I and a few like minded people do is set up a few stages with 6 rounds or less. Size criteria is that the gun must fit in the rear pocket of a regular pair of jeans without sticking out. We do this at my range at home and only invite people that get what the goal is(trigger time with actual carry guns). No range lawyers. We shoot @10 yds or less at a variety of targets. Think 6 clay pigeons at 5 yards. I do think it's a great idea to compete with what you carry but it would never work in IPSC, IDPA because of the whiney (we gotta have a rule for that) people. Try it for a while. You will probably be ashamed of how poorly you do at first and pleased with how quickly you improve.
  3. For those that don't like ss pins because of sticking in the flash hole. Try .177 caliber bbs. After tumbling I use a rotating separator under a water hose to rinse. Store bbs in buckets and spray liberally with wd40
  4. Anyone else feel the ground move? I think Mike is rolling over
  5. Just build a 3' tall box the exact width of the belt. If the shooter wants to climb up and stand on a 3' tall piece of 1/2" plywood then I say go for it.
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