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  1. Electronic or Mechanical Powder measure? If it is the Mechanical one, just use stronger springs. It is the powder that jams the movement. Worst case, send it back to M7 or DAA
  2. Ultimaker 2+, before the toolheads, I never printed a single thing in 3D. I read a bout it and watched some Yt videos, used the settings BASF provided for their Tough PLA and started with the first Toolhead stand..... 18h later it was done. Appart from design, the print was ok. After a few small revisions, I printed the next one. Now I got 3x 223, 3x 9mm (on is in the making right now) and after I go for another 2x 308. In between i printed out a primer kicker for the M7 primer collator. It looks like I got the large primer bowl. Every time a primer came standing upright to the primer kicker, it got caught and startet to spin like a tire... I used a cable tie that i glued onto the kicker and even it was working, I hated the solution because it was a cheap fix. Long story short, if you are willing to spend the money, you will get a plug and print solution. But money can never replace common sense. I do 3D drawings with Sketchup since over 10 years and you should have a basic understanding of where will force occur, so you increase the infill in this areas (3D prints are not solid objects, rather than hull with a honeycomb inside to make it strong and lightweight) @slavex I had that before on my old 1050 stand. Right now I have a load in 9mm that performs so exzeptionell well, that I will not touch any setting on this toolhead. I always try to reduce components down to a minimum and than buy em in large quantities. The M7 EVO pro today, is a very fine pice of equipment. I only made about 25.000 cases (first pass) in 223 and 9mm and so far not even 12.000 live rounds. Next batch will be 10K .223 but due to the shut down, I can‘t finish my ladder testing. I load in batches of 5-10k with nice and slow 1000 rounds per hour. I used to work with the Redding powder measure but switched to the M7 electronic version. So far the M7 delivers the accuracy as the Redding does, this counts for simple powder like Lovex D073.4 as well as for one of the worst ones called RS20 from swiss reload. It‘s a small flake powder, I had nothing but troubles with this one in the Dillon powder measure. The Redding was accurate to +-0.05gr with 100 tested charges, the M7 was at +0.07 -0.05gr. The dillon had up to 0.5gr variation with the same powder at 5gr target load. One thing for sure, the M7 needs to be locked after a lot more than the 1050, what is perfectly fine. Maintenance, cleaning and lubing all spots regular are highly recommended. Apart from the upside down primers every now and then (and M7 not answering my mail) I‘m very happy with the Evo Pro. I‘m quite sure, the reason for the upside down primers is, because I got the wrong bowl for the collator. Maybe someone can send me a picture of their (maybe even already replaced) small primer, primer collator.
  3. Just send me a pm with your email address and I‘ll sendyou the files
  4. Allright, after showing my prototype toolhead stand last time, a fewthings have changed. Like M7 I made some improvements on the design. Now I‘m at revision 3, it‘s the final one. I have added another bore for the small guide rod in the back, that accommodates the spring. Made the whole base higher so it sits flush with the guide rod, changed position of the hump for the case feeder actuator bar and made it a bit higher. I also modified the size of the shell plate and the Mr. bulletfeeder plate a bit. For .printing, I used tough PLA from BASF, it is a lot stronger than PLA but does not shrink like ABS. Material costs per stand are about 20 USD, and you have a storage place for your bulletfeeder plate too. I have to print another 2 for .223, next will be 9mm Luger stands If you wantthe files, let me know, sharing i careing
  5. @jcwallace84 this is just the first „will it or will it not work“ model. I had to adjust some of the slots and added some support for the guiding rods and the case feeding thing. In the new version, the 1th guidrod and the case feeding thing will sit on a extension, the thin long guiding rod (where the spring is) will be guided into a hole. This ensures a snug fit in the right position. If you are using cura, i could send you the print ready file. I will use tough pla with a 25% general fill rate and 75% in some areas with heavy load. Send me a pm if you want the files, I will provide them for free,,, sharing is caring. BTW i made a dedicated 223 stand too, because the bulletfeeder plate got a different dimension in thickness
  6. My stick powder RS40 from reload swiss passed trough with no problems. The problems started with Lovex D073.4 on an very unexpected point. The blody powder roof does not seal aginst the tube, so the fine powder was leaking into the lower reservoir... it filled up the whole lower section with powder. Used some sealant and problem solved. Other than that, both the pistol and the rifle drum are working great
  7. Since I life in Europe, all the good M7 stuff costs a lot extra. I got 3 Toolheads and I love the M7 Toolhead stand, but 100€ or 95USD x 3 is too much. So I desigend my own version, that not only stores the shell plate but also the Mr bulletfeeder plate, away. This first version was only a test, to se if everything fits. Since we used a fill rate of less than 30%, the whole thing is not very robust. The final version will have a fill rate of 30% in most areas, 80% 1“ around the foot of the stand and about 1“ of the stand itself (in the bottom area). This should be more than enough to be rugged enough. I was quite supprised, that even this lightweight demo unit did withstand the weight of the toolhead. I did hear some crunchy noise, when I tightened the top bolt to secure the Toolhead .... The 223 Mr. bulletfeeder plate is different in thickness than the 9mm plate, so there will a own stand for 223
  8. So a little update here, got some 2700 PPU .224 62 fmj-bt bullets and 12 pound of Lovex D073.4. Made the pre-setup and adjusted the redding powder measure BR3 to 24.05gr. First 10 charges in one pan and bang on 240,7gr. 2th 10 charges checked one by one —> min. was 24.04 and max was 24.11gr Not bad for a AP press, and before you start moaning that my scale aint that precise... skip it, I use a Sartorius Entris 64 with a powder trickler for hand loads. Certified and checked anualy, the entris is accurate down to +-0.002gr. Frankly speaking, redding is the way to go if you like to fill the gap between cheap bulk ammo and time consuming hand match loads.... with the right components I would call it semi match.
  9. Hi 2tuf4u - well I'm just the user of this System, but I asked the maker of the addaption kit if it was OK to post it here online --> he just gave me a go ahead. The conversion is based on a Hornady linkage kit, all you Need is to replace the handle of the Redding powder measure by a customized link so it can fit the actuating arm and a new drop tube so it fits into the hornady powder drop die. The green drop tube from Redding Needs to go, that is a pretty simple Task. Since I'm using Swiss Reload RS20, a very good powder, that unfortunately is the worst for powder measure (fine thin flake powder), I had to add 2 more come back springs. With just the hornady spring in place, the powder measure would jam from time to time. With the 2 extra springs in place, I have done About 17.000 rounds so far and not a single charge was missing. I load 5gr target with a Variation of +- 0.07 grain --> I use a Satorius entris 64 so I'm Pretty sure my measurements are correct. Where are you located? I still Need some contact in the US to help me out a bit, in return I could provide the drawings for the kit :) ATB Steyrarms
  10. Thanks for this more than usefull information. I‘m from Austria so it will take some time to get the electronic powder measure. I‘m happy that i did not buy the Gen. 1 version as quite a few people hat troubles with them. I only use S&B SP Primer, usually there are 2-3 flipped in a 1000... With 15k rounds this would be 75 Rounds or less than 16 Usd. ... so for me it‘s not worth it. The only real „problem“ i have, if there are only 40 or so primers in the bowl, i need to tune vibration down to keep the slid feeding. With a hair higher vibration it want work anymore. So I ensure there are always enough primer in the bowl. Other than that, i love my evo pro
  11. @slavex what powder you are using? I‘m from Austria an using swiss Powder RS20. This stuff is straight from hell, super performance but gives every powder measure a hard time. Very fine flake powder....right now I‘m using a Redding Powder measure 10X that works realy good, but I‘m always open to try new stuff. Thanks in advance
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