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  1. I agree, sorting by headstamp makes a difference at case mouth, there will be a variation of neck tension otherwise.
  2. Agreed, it think leading problems are related to reloading practices for the most part, or bore diameter and the projectile dia used.
  3. Lol, you did dig it up, sounds like the local doesn't subscribe to Sport Pistol which many have found to be somewhat compatible to N320 and my local guy stocks it!
  4. You can buy processed brass that has been swaged, you just have to pay attention to the process when buying, note resized, swaged and cleaned not just range brass! This varies by source.
  5. I think it depends on seating die, lots of opinion of soft lead based on other posts resulting in excessive leading, I'm not sure I subscribe to that but have not done or have the ability to do hardness testing, my opinion is there may be a crimping problem causing those reports, I have used 120 TCG Bayou with some good results.
  6. This is chrono data for 4.7 & 4.9gr of Sport Pistol with 95gr Precision coated bullets.. not jacketed. https://precisionbullets.com/product/380-95-rn/ The OAL is short to shoot in a short CZ chamber, with no comp. And a stock 1911
  7. I have loaded some 95gr precision coated at around 1.070 with 4.9gr of sport pistol, depending on bullet being grooved you may be able to go as long as 1.100 for a revolver but I'm loading for a CZ chamber also. Sport pistol is somewhere around burn rate for n320 but not alot of data to compare, I have have had some success but SD are not great at 70 and 114 FP. I assume you are shooting a revo, they would probably be ok for steel challenge. Mileage may vary.
  8. I agree, good response from Precision, the Gallant bullets worked out, but case prep was a problem with the Dia supplied, went with the Lee univ expander die and the NOE plug at .358 it's a stretch for .358 bullets but got SD at 9 and 17 spread on the crono
  9. 78Staff, talking about Precision Bullets, they have changed the ojive on some of the bullets. https://youtu.be/09RYIvCHZP4
  10. I agree, the seating die can sometimes take the bell off the case before the bullet is fully seated, I really don't care the the lee expanding powderdrop die either as it bells the case mouth too much, I prefer the lee universal case expanding die and use the NOE expander plug for the size bullet you are seating.
  11. I had tried some of those 135gr Rn over CFE Pistol, maybe I will try them again with SP
  12. That 105gr has good potential I think, not crazy about the grooves but that is probably my issue with loading it, have had more success with the 120TC straight shoulder but have to load pretty short, that 3.5gr of SP is probably in the ballpark with 135gr RN depending on OAL
  13. I was thinking you might be using Bayou based on the 95gr, that weight seems to run good in the shorter chamber guns. Might have to do with twist rate also?
  14. My 1911 seems to favor the 125gr RN, that's good info for reference! Might have to look at a spring change to run that though.
  15. Is that Precision bullet the .358 FP Cowboy bullet?
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