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  1. Yes, I noticed before loading any of the Gallant bullets that the bullet would not drop through the cylinder as previous other brands purchased Bayou & SNS, checked the dia and sure enough they were larger, Gallant being .358. Aside from being larger than what I was expecting to receive, I started looking on this forum and saw some conversation of people using .358 although it can be transparent of the equipment people are using, I have had excess leading with the .356 dia I have been using and decided to explore furthur.
  2. I checked the Gallant bullets with dial calipers at .358 , I should check the calipers with some feeler gauge stock, however the Gallant do measure .002" bigger than Bayou's (several varietys) which are at .356 with the same calipers. Do you have any mods on your 929's cylinder? Also did you go to .358 because you were seeing excess leading? Thanks in advance
  3. Gmp, are you using 125gr precisions? If I might ask the dia and what you are shooting them in, any revolver? Precisions profile might be good for my P-09 CZ referring to the OAL as you commented.
  4. Thanks all for the help. Good information! Shooting Steel Challenge, hopefully the weather holds for this weekend, winter is rolling in on us!
  5. JPM, you seem to have experience with other brands, any suggestion or opinion that stands out?
  6. Thanks jpm, what gun are you using them in?
  7. I was hoping someone had experience with a Smith 929 revolver 9mm and the Gallant coated bullets Gallant posts the bullets as .356 on the site, but they are .358, I see some posts of shooters using .358 but would like to hear comments from those users
  8. I used the term drop test, not completely correct, ammo is not loaded, I was just checking bullet clearance and noticed it didn't pass thru the cylinder. As the previously used bullets
  9. Hello...I recently purchased Gallant coated bullets in 9mm 125gr the dia on these is .358 I have been using Bayou and Sns coated they are .356 & .357 prospectively. I did a drop test in my 929 cylinder and it doesn't enter like the Bayou & Sns. What is the best way to approach this..the cylinder measures .357
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