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  1. I know, is outdated.. a bottleneck and otherwise illspoken. The 10mm is better in every way. With that already out.. Who has experience with this cartridge? Load datas, tips on feeding reliability,etal. Fellow at tromix gave me some guideline load data from 20 years ago. Is a start. He said tripp 8rd magazines work best. Though, commented about typically being only a seven round capacity due to feeding dynamics. I am sure someone here has experience with the 40super, or knows someone who does. Am wondering if feedramp angles and extractor shaping will help m
  2. I hate sharing links..unsure the forum rules on it; this may help. https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=996046#/topics/996046?page=1 If you read over everything, it will tell you what the most likely culprits are. If those do not work, you may have more complex issues like I was inquiring on. I had a springfield that came factory with an oversized trigger bow. It was making issues with hammer follow. It was observed as being very proud of frame when inspecting with mainspring housing and leaf spring removed. No amount of sane
  3. Did you check for even engagement of hammer hooks to sear tip? Is the sear spring slipping off the sear itself? Hammer hook itself could have improper geometry and force the sear out of way. Does this happen when you are rapidly pulling and releasing the trigger only? If youhold the trigger to rear and the firearm begins having doubles and triples, it would seem the disconnector is not doing it's job. Which would imply a loss of sear spring tension or the geometry of internals is wrong. Be it the pin holes are not true or slightly out of location. I bring this up, becau
  4. Your favorite 38s/9x23 singlestack magazine? I read that the tripp magazine has a very low window and can sometimes allow the second round to nose out and cause issues during a top off reload. However, this happens to be from a thread around five years ago. Which makes me wonder if those magazines have been changed since. Looking for a reliable 10round magazine. Not aluminum gun. Appreciated.
  5. I hate to be the one to say it.. possibly it is your load? The czechmate is not exactly a well built machine. Kneeling, if you have had no issues with running an aluminum muzzle device.. good for you. I would be very interested to know the rate which you replace it. The cz pistol already has a very high cyclic rate. Mostly due to the lower weight slide. I would definitely not lighten the barrel assembly any at all on these guns. I have seen people gut the slide but.. Your miles may vary. If the slidestop is not binding from the lower lug being im
  6. I thought this was a common issue? The slide stop pin absorbs all the rearward motion of barrel. Whereas the 1911 style pistol has a vertical&horizontal impact surface for barrel to stop against. I used to shoot a checkmate.. but not for terribly long. Maybe because you reduced the barrel weight by changing from steel to titanium compensator, the dwell time has decreased. Thus causing barrel to impact the slide stop pin at a higher velocity. Which equates to having more energy. I was told it is not uncommon for people to use hardened steel/tool steel pin
  7. Wondering and actually doing are two things. It seems like a very popular thing. After researching a bit, it seems just working over a glock minus connector and tinkering with factory parts will generate a desired result. Would you care to explain why this is such a problem? I have limited experience with these types of guns. That said,who does not want to reduce pre and post travel? It seemed to me, quite a few persons have fielded the 'roland special bulls#!t'. In so far, a few guys who actually rely on weapons for survival told me about said fecal ma
  8. After some reading, studying pictures.. This pistol design is a compromise of competing spring pressures. Too much imbalance makes issues. If I wanted to retain factory slide/trigger springs.. with the goal of reducing overtravel and takeup much as possible.. Could a person use one of those ghost connectors that is fitted in pair with an apex trigger shoe/pad? I was thinking the tactical 5lbs connector with a good polishing and fitting, gen3 trigger bar that is equally polished and stoned flat where striker mates would perform well. My goal is ve
  9. Any issues that could arise from headspacing off the extraction rim, instead of the case mouth?
  10. Interesting. Any idea how much more deep the chamber is now? Or, any idea how long those problem cases were? Never had this issue before.. however, I must be spending too much time trimming. =/ Glad you have it resolved.
  11. Are you sure the magazines are presenting properly and your extractor is grooving along properly for the problem barrel/rounds/mag(s)? It could get even more deep here.. Is it the first few rounds or last few from magazine?
  12. Have you checked the lower lug dimensions vs slidestop& frame? Without the recoil spring, do you feel any binding or friction of slide? I had this springfield 1911 with their awful coating on it.. 9mm gun. Just the slide and frame were so rough, it would drag and feel like worn out bearings when cycling by hand. Had a similar issue. 1000grit valve compound and some working of the action smoothed out whatever was rough. Is that the proper fix? No. But.. the gun runs reliably now. If lower lug is not properly dimensioned, would it not cause the barrel to r
  13. Neg. Removing material from the barrel only will be sufficient. Though, I was wondering if your extractor is rubbing the barrel? Hard to tell from that picture.
  14. Why not just do a cone comp of older days? A steel rod matched to a generic barrel from manufacturer you choose. Simply cut the cone to match your current slide ID? Thread a barrel, bore and thread the rod. Any gunsmith of quality should be able to do such. Some flux+silver solder on a generic stainless barrel and you should be good to go? Most people are using bushing or bull barrels with their own sleeves made in house, I believe.
  15. 10mm mag has very similar dimensions as 357mag in brass and coal. A few tenths. Should also be similar of lighter 41mag loads. The 160-180gr range. Most people say 6shot in 41mag is a little risky? Something about the index cut on cylinder gets very close to chamber bore, can cause a crack to occur. I am aware the weigatiny rail uses a different quick detach front sight and removes the rear. The video shows it being done fairly quick. Basically, a way to find another 200fps with similar projectile weight. I had in mind the 165gr penn state truncated cone bul
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