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  1. I hate to disagree, however.. if you are measuring the topend assembled and saying it is ' 3/4" less than a government issue length ', that is entirely different in proportion than stating ' the slide is 3/4" shorter '. Appreciated. I was attempting to get clarification on your estimated measurements. A lot may be concluded from the vague nature. The word "size" is not clearly defined as 'complete topend(slide+barrel&comp)' or 'a bare slide length'. My misgivings. Thank you for clarifying.
  2. Ok, is this slide length?.. barrel length? Is it measured with or without the muzzle device? Any ideas on weight ranges? Appreciated.
  3. For educational purposes.. how much does one of these combinations weigh out? The slide weight and the barrel/comp weight? To understand how much more significant the barrel weight is when compared to a nonsleeved barrel and also by comparison of the slide weight. Also, what is the differences in these "shorty" and "middy" guns? I presume shorty equals officer length slide and barrel? Whereas a middy would be comparable to a commander length? Not only this but.. why would someone go to the ends of using aluminum shock buffers for reducing total slide travel after the gun was purposely increased in total slide travel? Thank you. Specialneeds
  4. Try playing with coal first? Extra space between the extractor face and breechface can be a bad thing. Best luck. I am still not convinced about this nastree nasty steel case.
  5. The comment about changing extractor tolerance is a solution. What happens if increasing coal? Is the barrel throated enough to accomodate a longer length? This may be an alternative solution. Are you sure those cases are 'proper spec'? The rim and all. Lastly, your extractor has little to do with the breechface concentricity to firing pin centerline. If the barrel is square to the breechface and the firing pin is centered, the extractor will 'flex' as designed.
  6. What is the issue with heavier extractor tension? Sounds like maybe there are other things at hand. Perhaps the centerline of extractor channel to firing pin channel are not in spec? If this measurement is off.. you are right, different tensions are needed. Alongside potentially other accomodations. If the tension needs to be that low, your extractor centerline may be a bit closer to the firing pin centerline than specification calls for. Is the extractor catching the rim at an odd angle? Perhaps polishing it with some fine stones will help. I am not sure how I feel about those steel and aluminum cases.. Man, I would personally spend the bucks and run 38super/9x23 with starline brass. All that noise.. seems like a lot could go wrong with a bimetal case. Could not a person electroless nickel coat their brass if they wanted that 'extra lubricity'? Either way, I thought the trend on nickeled casings was implied for carry ammunition to resist rusting and draging in magazine. Nickeled tubes and well polished brass ought set you straight there. Even a well polished steel tube with some turtlewax buffed inside/outside. You will need to investigate more to be certain of the issue. In closing, I thought steel casings did not seal the chamber as well. Resulting in a more dirty firearm and less muzzle velocity. Best luck, keep us posted. SpecialNeeds
  7. So, the idea is having the barrel weigh more than the slide... the slide is stalled more. Knowing this does not reduce recoil, it simply changes the perception of impulse. I am even more foggy on this now. Seems like a lot of man hours and bucks. If he is getting oldschool 5" steel barrel&comp weight in an officer sized slide&barrel package.. ok, I can see that it would remove a bit of the sting.. but $1000? That is a bunch of work. Just because tungsten is exotic. Hey, if you want a completely slammed out worm raping import.. with the wheels so cambered in the tires are shredded off every 5000 miles.. you gotta pay for that look. I would be just fine with a ford focus that starts and safely makes the trip. Less cost, still gets mission complete. I do not believe it makes the gun any faster. I highly doubt human beings are able to use that two milisecond difference of cyclic rate. After reading countless threads about "there is no standard, every shooter is different and combinations have evolved as such shooter needs"... I appreciate the informations. Hope you enjoy that overly expensive thing. Good shooting.
  8. Increasing the 'dwell time' a few nanoseconds.. maybe a milisecond. Plus the fact those Akai guns being 'stroked' gives an extra distance before impact. I would almost suspect a steel comp and bull barrel with same 'stroke' may be difficult to tell when actually firing, versus the titanium comp and tungsten sleeve. At least, from a simple understanding of the browning titlting barrel design and the general mechanicals of this sidearm. Any other insights?
  9. Would you explain the "difference"? This comment is extremely vague and ambiguous. Slowed cyclic rate? Less muzzle rise?
  10. I would like to know more. What benefit comes from this? Tungsten eats steel.. that makes me wonder about the life expectency. How much weight is gained from putting a sleeve on the barrel? Not sure why a person would opt for this over a regular steel gun and comp. Titanium on the muzzle and tungsten in the middle? A big price for shifting said 'weight bias'. Not slamming anything at all. Simply.. this seems suspect. I thought most builders were fluting barrels and using titanium years back to reduce weight. Due to swing through, or 'over aiming'. Looking forward to reading more feedback from experienced persons.
  11. I used to shoot 160gr 9major with autocomp out of a czechmate. It ran pretty decent. Though.. i never tried to run a 115 at warpspeed. Thought that a 147 will give more boiler room for powder. Powder = gas. After a thread before, I was asking about compensators. It seemed general agreement that gas made comps work, not pressure. So.. an awful slow powder with near max case fill ought give plenty gas, yes? However.. in same light - a medium powder at similar max fill with a light bullet should do the same? Regardless, when posting my idea was a heavier bullet would make the gas expand more due to a greater resistance of expansion. The czechmate did not run until it was getting pushed. Using that orange box doppler radar.. on an 85* day, was getting enough fps for 182pf pretty easy. No odd swells or primer flow. Based on that.. my silly/bad idea was slightly lighter bullet and twice the powder of a much slower burn rate. *shrug*
  12. Anyone run the heavy pistol? A while back someone posted that the 9x23 case held ~2gr more charge than the 38supercomp when comparing starline brass. Was curious about potentially using 147gr and heavy pistol in a 9x23 brass. Guidance please? Was curious if the heavy pistol or aa9 similar powder would provide good velocity and ample gas. Appreciated.
  13. Davsco - a person could not bend a piece of thin gauge stainless and help shield the lens? I am thinking a shield like normally seen, but with an angle to mount it beneath the cmore. I would suspect moving the entire optic farther rear would create 'over hang' issues. How do those mini's hold up when on a frame mount? Would suspect a person could sit one of those sideways and a bit farther back? So long it did not block the ejection port. Great help guys. Appreciate you all very much.
  14. Appreciated guys! Yeah I like that.. 'sidemore' pretty alright. When the optic is turned sideways and dropped on the pistol a bit lower.. is it still useful to have a blast shield for the lens? I have not seen any mounts with one included, so i suspect the gas is not such an issue. Just curious. Nice link to the kydex thread. Will read it this weekend. I appreciate everyone. You all are great. Very helpful and nice also. Specialneeds
  15. I was going to run heavy metal open pending on rules. Going to comp my 45acp 1911. Holster not an issue. Will accomodate and adapt. Looking at a weapon mounted light, some peppy loads(supported chamber) and potentially a dot. What do you mean learning curve? I am pretty special in ways. That said.. when I was running the cmore on a frame mount. That model which looks similar to serendipity.. I zeroed the pistol at 30 yards and put the dot on what I wanted to shoot? Dunno what you all mean by learning curve. The pistol was lower. Not like irons at all.. but, dot on target and boom. *shrug* I have no experience with the slide mounted optics versus frame mount. Always wondered about it being battered to death. Though, as said - it is much more low profile. Appreciated. Teach me more. Please. Thank you Specialneeds
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