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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll swap back to the regular extractor spring and get the patriot defense firing pin spring next time I place an order.
  2. All right... so update. On a lark I relubricated everything... slide, springs, etc. Racked the slide like 30 times. And seems to be working now. I reintroduced the other parts, as well - extra power extractor, unica firing pin and the firing pin spring that came with the recoil spring, and the problem came back again. Racked the slide another 30 times or so and working again. Think everything needs a polish and some break in. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I have tried it from back of slide, front of slide, have tried using the slide release... same result every time. Even chambering without the magazine - just dropping the bullet into the chamber and closing the slide on it (at speed, as well as closing it slowly). Same thing. Have not run it in live fire - honestly I would be afraid to try that. I can see the back of the bullet when the chamber closes so I don't know what that would do if the bullet was fired. Probably nothing good I would imagine. It's also like the bullet is misaligned in there or something? I don't know. I would think there was something wrong with the feed ramp or the breech face if the problem didn't go away with the factory spring. I took out all the other parts I already dropped in, too - just to rule out any other variables. (I'd only gotten as far as the firing pin, firing pin spring, and extractor spring) so everything is back to stock right now. Just introducing the recoil spring recreates the issue.
  4. Hey thanks for chiming in. I must have watched your videos 3 times by now haha. Factory ammo (hoping to be able to fire factory ammo still when I finish with all my fiddling). Ammo is Winchester 115gr FMJ Took everything down again just now and bullets drop out the chamber just fine like they do in your video. Turning them... have to use two fingers to get them to turn, but they do turn fine. Not sure if I should be able to turn the bullet with just my thumb or not, but I can't.
  5. I guess that's possible... would the 9lb spring be too weak tho? I mean people use 8# even 6# springs in their stock 2s, right? I have only put about 100 rounds through the gun so far. Is it maybe not broken in enough yet or something? Maybe I need to polish the rails so the slide moves more freely? Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions here - just been lurking the forums, watching lots of YouTube videos. It's my first 9mm center fire. I've been shooting 22lr for the past 2 years.
  6. So... got a bunch of stuff from Ben Stoeger for my new Stock 2. Amongst which was a 9# wolff recoil spring. Got the standard full slide version. And when this recoil spring is in the gun the rounds won't go into battery. Slide just won't close completely. Switch back to the stock spring and closes up just fine. It's like 2 or 3 coils longer than the stock spring and my understanding is it's SUPPOSED to be that way(?). I'm tempted to cut it tho and see if that fixes the problem. Should I snip snip or try to send it back to Ben?
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