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  1. I still trim by hand on a wilson setup - I may have to do it as the hands get a fair work out after a few thousand
  2. I have one I have it - if you are looking for one, it needs a drop tube for the powder feeder - no clue where it is. IT has 45 223 dies and shell plates. Prolly could let it go for a good price. PM me or quote me and Ill get a ping.
  3. Just set up and ran a small batch of 223Rem... Wow, what a difference from a Lock N Load. Is there a tip for getting the tool set and the projectile tray on together? As it looks the brackets are one or the other, if the ammo tray had the extension on the back it would be AMAZING.
  4. Thanks for the feedback - and you are correct I have inspection/QC gear for final inspection of production. I thought the 1050 came with a roller handle, I will look into it. The press light, if you or anyone has a suggestion I am all ears.
  5. First off, wish my internet searches prior to purchase would have included this site! Tons of info that appears real. Reloaded close to 30k rounds on other presses before I took a few years off - switching to Dillon hits the wallet hard and I realize small and large primers ups the cost even more - few questions to minimize frustration and having a press idle as I wait for parts. But as any FNG with less sense than time I must ask, did I miss something on my purchase? Intent is to run .223 REM and 9mm Luger to start, then eventually get to my .45ACP. I single stage my .308 right now for my bolt action and get great (OUTSTANDING) groups when I do my part - I imagine the s1050 could replicate that if I get her dialed in - or close enough that I may have to get a rifle that unloads those rounds faster. All my .223 is lake city with the crimped primer pocket, hence the S1050 Most of my .308 is also lake city with a crimp 9mm - just got into the pinking round, dont have brass yet, but I have a tool that will unload it quickly so I gotta load this round now. Did I miss anything for 223 and 9mm? S1050 in .223 carbide powder check alarm bullet tray (wish they would throw that in...) S1050 Caliber Conversion Kit 9mm Dillion 9mm Dies Small Pistol Casefeed plate Powder Funnel 9mm Decapping pistol pins 10pk .223 Spare Decap Assembly and extra pin And might of accidentally gotten a RF100 in Small Primer (but let us not tell the wife of that just yet). Is there anything glaring that I missed? Yes eventually I will get extra tool heads, and the trimmer, currently I do trimming on a wilson trimmer, its boring, but gives the old mind a rest and lets me have a drink while I tap away. Thank you for your time and I look forward to some advice.
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