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  1. Sometimes i pull the trigger, hammer goes down and then nothing happens. Firing is not stuck. Never happens to me on my local range, only in competetion. (I shoot Dynamic Service Rifle; it's a dutch competetion) I always thought is was user error, but now i hear your experience i am in doubt. Happened to me with both the GMR13 and the GMR15. It drives me crazy not knowing what it is. Henk: can't pm you about the TF Fattie via the npsa forum, i don't shoot IPSC.
  2. Where do you order the TF Fattie? Haven't seen them in europe. Or my google skills are letting me down.
  3. Yes, Patrick's store. He also has JP the extended magazine release in stock. (in different colours) Bought the MBX buffer system and tuningkit at "vanmulekom".
  4. Hallo Henk, Also bought a JP GMR 15, same store i assume. Buffer detent was already out. If you buy the MBX buffer it comes with a yellow carbine spring, don't know if it's a Sprinco. You also need to buy the MBX tuning kit. Shot it yesterday with a blue spring and short buffer. Ammo used was Fiocchi 115gr factory ammo. Trigger reset was reliable, also activated the lrbho. Need to try more setups with this ammo. If you want it to short stroke (i don't) you can also use euro's in the buffer tube. Met vriendelijke groet, John
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