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  1. Thanks guys, good input. I'm going to take a rectangular piece of wood a couple inches long, drill a hole in it just smaller than the diameter of the plunger , saw it in half across the hole, then use it to clamp the plunger in a vise to see if I can get a bit more control on the operation.
  2. So I've been going down the rabbit hole polishing parts to see what matters (and/or because I'm OCD and have too much time on my hands at the moment). I noticed on one of Johnny Glock's vids that he uses a pin vise to hold the striker for shaping/polishing...so I pulled out the dial calipers and measured my Gen 3 9mm striker at 0.173 at the widest point and now I know which size pin vise to get. The safety plunger however, measures at 0.237 where I want to grip it and I have not been able to find a reliable pin vise that opens that far, and if possible, I hope to find one with a range that allows it to hold either part (striker or plunger). My question(s): (1) Can anyone recommend a pin vise that will fit the safety plunger's base, (2) if not, what do you use (besides your Mk 1 Mod 1 banana peelers), and (3) please share any other tools/devices you've discovered to be useful for trigger jobs/improving perfection. Thanks in advance. P.S. If you are tired of hand polishing but hesitant to get a Dremel due to cost or the fact that they seem to not be as well made as they used to be, I've had good luck using Dremel bits in a 12V Dewalt drill. It's not as controllable as a Dremel, but for polishing it's good enough and much faster than hand work (I'd only do metal removal/shaping by hand though). Disclaimer: I don't do metal removal/shaping on carry guns (just polishing) but I'm using my range guns to test the waters with more extensive modifications.
  3. I find that it helps me to write myself guides to whatever I'm learning. I found this thread after having recently started using the Trigger Bar drill myself, and, as a result, utilized some of the posts here, specifically Dave's, to round out my own training guide. Hoping Dave (or anyone else) will check/validate my work on this and add, edit, improve as desired. Here's how I've articulated it, and linked below is a printable version (PDF) of the target that I created for my own use: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CADENCE / TRIGGER BAR DRILL Purpose: (1) Force the shooter to apply solid fundamentals to control the gun so it returns to the target in the most efficient manner possible. (2) Train the shooter to see what they need to see to break the next shot, and to know what that looks and feels like. Note: This is practice, not to be confused with how you should shoot in competition or otherwise. The goal is to engrain efficient technique at the subconscious level, then let the subconscious take over. In practical application (e.g. a competition) you wouldn’t count cadence, or rely on a cadence at all, you would see the sights and drive the gun based on acceptable sight picture. As such, this drill should be used sparingly once you have established the ability to consistently shoot with a rhythmic cadence at speed. Tips: (1) A solid grip, NPOA, and weight-slightly-forward-biased stance are fundamental to this drill, otherwise recoil will push you further back on each shot, requiring you to either lean forward again for each shot, or to shoot each subsequent shot with your pistol in a slightly different position that the last one it fired from (2) You must prep your trigger quickly and as soon as the previous shot breaks. That is, on the return trigger pull you must move past the reset point and well into the “wall” before the sights return to whatever alignment is appropriate for the target size and distance. If you are slow on re-prepping the trigger you will find yourself behind the curve and rushing each subsequent shot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BTW: You can find the original version of the Trigger Bar Target and many others on Tactical Performance Center's Website: https://tacticalperformancecenter.com/printable-targets/ Thanks in advance for any input. Cadence : Trigger Bar Target.pdf
  4. Can anyone share or link a picture to a Dawson Adjustable Rear Sight on a MOS Glock so I can see how far it overhangs? I'm getting a Gen 5 G34 and until now I've only run fixed sights, but if the overhang isn't too much of an issue I'd like to try an adjustable. Thanks in advance! P.S. I'm aware of the Dawson MOS, non-cowitness fixed sights.
  5. Production shooter here. I've got one on the way. Now that you've had it for awhile, what mods would you recommend? Also, what front sight height did you go with and what difference, if any, do you see between POA and POI at 25-yards? Thanks in advance.
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