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  1. Nice comparison! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. You might look at a powder throw as well.
  3. Dillon will stand the test of time and has excellent support from the vendor. If you are going to make the leap, the Dillon will serve you better. You may get a better price on a 650 these day’s, although it or the 750 will do you right. I have 2 650’s and no desire to move to the 750 model. One has been in service about 2 decades while the other is quite a bit newer. Getting set up is costly, but the biggest issue is obtaining components.
  4. Does it only happen when you are shooting? As in you you take a magazine of round and rack them through does it happen then? Does it happen every time you are out shooting when you get down to about 2 rounds left? Check the spring tension on the plunger spring. Also, could you be applying upward pressure on the slide stop when firing it? Could you have lost the short plunger pin that presses against th slide stop?
  5. Change and test 1 thing at a time...otherwise you won’t know if it is the powder charge or the springs or the combination of the two.
  6. I use H110/296 or 2400. These are good for full power loads.
  7. Maybe no one has played out those configurations. I haven’t so I haven’t commented before now.
  8. Go onto eBay and search for 1/2-36 9mm and a whole mess of options appear. How effective? Not sure. But you have options.
  9. SilencerCo makes a single port muzzle brake that is also an ASR mount for their cans but not in that thread pitch. https://silencerco.com/asr-single-port-muzzle-brake.html There are some others as well but most are 5.56 or .30 cal with a couple .338 tossed in for luck. Again the thread pitch is your main challenge.
  10. I have 1 650 with the zirc fitting and one older one without. The older one was taken down and cleaned up, re-greased (wheel bearing grease) and re-assembled after I got the alignment tool from Dillon. I do have the retrofit kit to add the zirc fitting but won’t install it until the next time it needs to be serviced.
  11. Google says: https://www.dillonprecision.com/grease-and-oil_350_11_842.htm
  12. I have had instances where a primer fell out (loose primer pocket) or one never seated and left powder everywhere.
  13. Did the empty cases have primers?
  14. I know in some reloading manuals for .44mag and .357 mag on the h110 line it has a minimum load with a note that you should not go below that weight due to detonation issues. I don’t recall seeing that for other powders.
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