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  1. For some people it may help to post a picture of the slide to help get a better idea of the situation and be able to provide a better solution....
  2. Use a pulley/belt drive from the bench grinder to reduce final RPM. Or use a variac to control motor speed.
  3. Remember that 9mm headspaces on the case mouth and that it is taper crimped. Some rounds (.357 mag, .44 mag) do better when crimped, but then they are roll crimped since they headspace on the rim.
  4. You need a roll crimp. Your seating die should do that and you will need to adjust it or you can do it in a separate step with a lee factory crimp die. Rimmed cartridges headspace on the rim unlike rimless cartridges like 9mm, 40, 10mm, 45acp which require a taper crimp since they headspace on the mouth of the brass.
  5. Mine is pistol length gas system. I use standard buffer and pistol spring in the pistol buffer tube.
  6. I also have a BCA barrel about that length as well. Mine works well. Still in pistol configuration but runs super and subs with no problem. Haven’t been able to bench it yet for accuracy evaluation but once I get the lower SBR’d I will do that. Subs with a can are nice and quiet. I agree you should be heading down a good path with it.
  7. Crimped brass can be reloaded after the crimp is removed.
  8. H110 is one you need to be careful with, but based on the subject you should not have an issue since it is not a appropriate powder for those cartridges.
  9. Interesting...since I am looking for glock pattern drums for my AR-9 and AR-45.
  10. I have found there drum mag for an AR-22 to be very reliable. Still tuning the one for the 10-22.
  11. My pact electronic scale and powder dispenser from the 90’s stills works just fine.
  12. I have one 650 that I have used since the late 90’s. I bought a second one so I would have one set up for large primers and one set for small primers. Don’t discount the single stage presses. I have 3 and a turret press as well. 750 or 1050...it is up to the options you are looking for. Both will do the job.
  13. The 750 and the 650 share many of the same parts so nothing lost there. The 750 will serve you well for everything you mentioned.
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