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  1. I’ve been using H110 for super and subs. H110 is great for me as well for my .458 Socom, and magnum pistol rounds. I may experiment with lil-gun in the future.
  2. Or buy a second 650...then you have parts/tool head interchangeability. I have two, one for small primers and one for large primers. Fewer things to change when switching to a different cartridge.
  3. Keep the 650. You can get an upgrade to add the zerks from Dillon for if I recall correctly about $65 plus shipping. Just taking it apart, cleaning it and reassembling after re-greasing makes a big difference. The upgrade kit with the zerks I believe comes with the alignment tool needed for reassembly.
  4. So does SWMP burn any cleaner ?
  5. I have one 650 that is between 20-25 years old and a second about 8 years old. Keep then maintained and they keep on going. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. The revolvers that do not use a moon clip have a ledge similar to the chamber of a 9mm pistol where the round headspaces off of. Again, factory ammo is all crimped the same regardless of whether it is to be used in a revolver or pistol. I would think that is you are having to alter the crimp to retain the bullet in the revolver you may need more taper crimp or neck tension. If you were to put a roll crimp on it and then use it in a pistol you could have some headspace issues.
  7. Should not be... It is a taper crimp since the round headspaces on the case mouth. I have yet to see 9mm commercial ammo marked for revolver only.
  8. I was answering the OP’s portion of the question on OAL difference.
  9. OAL should not be a factor for a longer barrel. It is a factor for fit in a magazine as well as chamber dimensions. If everything is within SAAMI spec then it should not change because you are shooting through a longer barrel.
  10. I would think putting a sloping bend in the tube towards the bottom should reduce velocity of the “dropped” round...think of a street elbow like used in electrical conduit where it is curved 90 degrees instead of a sharp 90 used for water or gasses.
  11. For some people it may help to post a picture of the slide to help get a better idea of the situation and be able to provide a better solution....
  12. Use a pulley/belt drive from the bench grinder to reduce final RPM. Or use a variac to control motor speed.
  13. Remember that 9mm headspaces on the case mouth and that it is taper crimped. Some rounds (.357 mag, .44 mag) do better when crimped, but then they are roll crimped since they headspace on the rim.
  14. You need a roll crimp. Your seating die should do that and you will need to adjust it or you can do it in a separate step with a lee factory crimp die. Rimmed cartridges headspace on the rim unlike rimless cartridges like 9mm, 40, 10mm, 45acp which require a taper crimp since they headspace on the mouth of the brass.
  15. Mine is pistol length gas system. I use standard buffer and pistol spring in the pistol buffer tube.
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