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  1. I use H110/296 or 2400. These are good for full power loads.
  2. Maybe no one has played out those configurations. I haven’t so I haven’t commented before now.
  3. Go onto eBay and search for 1/2-36 9mm and a whole mess of options appear. How effective? Not sure. But you have options.
  4. SilencerCo makes a single port muzzle brake that is also an ASR mount for their cans but not in that thread pitch. https://silencerco.com/asr-single-port-muzzle-brake.html There are some others as well but most are 5.56 or .30 cal with a couple .338 tossed in for luck. Again the thread pitch is your main challenge.
  5. I have 1 650 with the zirc fitting and one older one without. The older one was taken down and cleaned up, re-greased (wheel bearing grease) and re-assembled after I got the alignment tool from Dillon. I do have the retrofit kit to add the zirc fitting but won’t install it until the next time it needs to be serviced.
  6. Google says: https://www.dillonprecision.com/grease-and-oil_350_11_842.htm
  7. I have had instances where a primer fell out (loose primer pocket) or one never seated and left powder everywhere.
  8. Did the empty cases have primers?
  9. I know in some reloading manuals for .44mag and .357 mag on the h110 line it has a minimum load with a note that you should not go below that weight due to detonation issues. I don’t recall seeing that for other powders.
  10. H110/win296 have minimum charge weights for various cartridges that you do not want to go below due to detonation issues. I believe it tends to be with the slower burning pistol powders.
  11. R-P = Remington-Peterson
  12. No personal experience. Several things jump out at me....price $149, home made, unused, tested, location Slovenia. Granted it says 1 year warranty but will you get it? How long will shipping take to get it to you? Is it in-stock ready to go or is it built to order? So it is about $204 shipped not counting any taxes or such.
  13. For clarification, I loaded the Sierra 220gr RN over 10.1 gr of H110. With a 8.5” barrel and a can it is very quiet round.
  14. I’ve been using H110 for super and subs. H110 is great for me as well for my .458 Socom, and magnum pistol rounds. I may experiment with lil-gun in the future.
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