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  1. I just received the package from DAA today. I can also attest that the SV steel insert works very well for a CK steel grip. The tightness of the slot of the insert block was just perfect. The gun slides in "loosely" and "smoothly" as Saul suggests in his video at around 3:40 ish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EH2_MAzYcQ I noticed that the trigger guard is slightly over carved to fit the outside of the trigger guard of my CK grip, but it's totally negligible as it still provides an excellent fit for my gun. Most of all, this insert is for the SV steel grip anyway. I was totally ready for a filling work but I ended up with no modification at all besides removing some plastic burrs. No rocking and no hanging up, I'm satisfied. I appreciate zzt for forwarding the email from Saul to this forum. Otherwise, I could've ended up being frustrated with the gun rocking and hanging up by a STI insert. Not sure why the CS person and the tech person at DAA recommended the STI insert for CK steel grip. For my gun, SV steel insert seems very close to perfect fitting. J.
  2. I wish the DAA person who checked my order for a complete Alpha X set over the phone suggested the thigh-pad when I asked for anything else I should add, so that I wouldn't have to place another order just for it. After reading all those comments, I am totally convinced that I should have added the thigh-pad in my order. It totally makes sense to me that the thigh-pad will give more stable support and easier drawing. For a (high-end) race holster, this is something that shouldn't be neglected. It's an inexpensive plastic piece, I do agree with everyone else that it should be included in the basic packaging.
  3. I just called DAA today to order an insert for a CK steel grip. The guy who took my order recommended me the STI insert, so I took their advice and ordered it. Then, right after a few minutes, I came upon this thread and another thread that has an email quotation from Saul Kirsch: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/237165-holster-info-for-ck-arms-2011/ So I called the DAA again to talk with one of their techs to confirm on this. His initial response was that STI should work fine for CK arms steel grips, so I asked him if the SV steel insert wouldn't be a better option as the STI insert could be too sloppy for the CK steel grips. He said the gun might wiggle a little bit in the STI insert but it shouldn't be an issue as the gun gets locked up as it is sitting in the insert, so the gun won't come out. He also said he finds that a tiny bit of wiggle shouldn't be a problem in general as he personally owns an insert like that as well, and he has been fine with it. However, he still offered swapping the STI to the SV steel insert, so I told him go ahead and swap it as I am hoping it to provide a better fitting after all. I'll update when I receive the part and finish the fitting process. Thanks, J.
  4. Hi there, A new forum member here. I am working for an electro optic company in Oregon, and I just stepped into the competition field. I appreciate vast knowledge that I'm learning from here, and hopefully I can contribute my knowledge in return one day. Thanks a lot! J.
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