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  1. My Glock 24 has seen literally thousands of rounds. No problems at all. I feed it a steady diet of hot 155 and 165 grain loads that average 1200 fps. No problems whatsoever. still a very accurate handgun. Glocks seem to be able to take extreme use. Also have a few G35’s but I changed to a single Gen 3 type recoil spring in my Gen 4”s. Hot 10mm ammo hasn’t seemed to hurt my G20 Gen3 either, though I have only about 700 rounds fired thru it.
  2. Just a side note. Watch Paul Harrell And Hichock45. Two of the best shooters on youtube. Both have excellent grips and breathe properly with no replacement barrels or gimmicks.
  3. A G24 is a competition hand gun. I own one. No longer alowed in sanctioned competition due to rules changes. Thats why Glock came out with the G35. I own a few. Trigger is a bit lighter, and fit is a bit better. My G24 and my handload from a rest will eat the black out of a target at 25 yards. Don’t ever believe that Glocks are not super accurate. At out range we have light up nite. You can use any handgun and any light or laser aided type of format sold for night use. Metal plates at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. Plates are 12 inch heavy steel painted white. I have won the competition over half the time with the G24. Had 2 nights with19 hits outnof 20 rounds, 5 at each plate. What I do to my Glocks is the secret to shooting your very best. I make ‘Me” a better shooter, not make the handgun a better shooter. I am the shooter not the handgun. First I work my trigger, and shave, sand and use grip tape to fit my gun to my hand. If your handgun doesn’t fit, you will not be good with it. That’s why Glock has a 4 pack of backstraps in gen4 and newer Glocks. Next, you must be a good accurate bandloader of the best recipefor your gun. I NEVER use an aftermarket barrel. Glock barrels have the highest velocity of any of the barrels I have tried. BTW flex is in any handgun, YES in a 1911 also, but flex happens once the boo lit leaves the barrel. Not much of a factor. Watch it in slowmo and you will see. Get someone who knows how to make your handgun fit your hand better. Practice, practice practice your grip, your pull, and learn how to breathe as you shoot. You can then be the best shooter you can be. One more thing. Get good sights that work best for your eyes.
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