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  1. I finally figured it out. The tab on the back side of the safety lever was catching the edge of the depression which was preventing the lever to fully go in all the way. I did chip the paint off but no biggie. Thank you you to all who responded. Much appreciated!
  2. I hope not! I’m gonna have to check again. Thank you!
  3. Definitely not grip-related. I’m going to break it down again and check. Thank you for your time.
  4. Thank you for your response! I will try that
  5. Hello. I just switched out the safety lever on my shadow 2 and have noticed the slide to have more friction when moving it back and forth, by hand. So, here’s a little breakdown of what happened: I watched several different videos on YouTube and followed exactly what I saw. However, with the final push in of the lever, where a tiny tab has to be pulled back towards the hammer, I had to use a rubber mallet to get the lever to go in the rest of the way. Even with an assistant who was pulling the tab back, I tried numerous times, by hand, but could not get the lever to slide in effortlessly like in the videos. I did move the spring contacting the lever out of the way, FYI. So, when I finally got the lever in all the way, the slide would not go all the way like something was blocking it. It looked like something in the sear cage assembly was not lined up properly. So, I pushed out the lever again and also removed the sear cage. I reassembled it once more and I did have to use the mallet again for the final push but the lever did go in smoother this time around. Slide goes all the way in now. However, I noticed that there is more friction now that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t feel like anything “bad” is happening but definitely more rubbing something that wasn’t there before. Is this normal? I kept the original lever on the right side and did not use the one that was paired with the extended safety lever. Not sure if this matters. Thank you very much!
  6. Thank you! Please excuse the delay in responding.
  7. Thank you! I just ordered a chrono. Will try out my current load this weekend.
  8. Btw, other than a flattened primers and damaged casings, what are other over-pressure signs?
  9. Thank you, all, for taking the time to respond. Will go lower on the charge and work back up, if needed. I’m just trying to stay above 130 PF.
  10. Hello, everyone! I was loading 124gr Berry’s plated RN over 4.0 TG to 1.150 for my Shadow 2 and it ran beautifully. I’ve run out and am now using RMR 124gr RN. The profile is a tiny bit different with the RMR and after doing a plunk test, I am having to load to 1.130. Should I necessarily lower my previous powder charge since my new OAL is shorter? Or, would 4.0 still be ok? I did not get to compare the dimensions of the 2 bullet brands. Thank you!!!
  11. Jack, thank you! And yes, thankfully, the range I go to is an outdoor one. Thanks for the advice!
  12. This makes a lot of sense! I do find myself feeling overwhelmed at times having to focus on numerous things all at the same time and if I can, at least, convince the mind that there's not much recoil to prepare for then I can see how that would allow me to concentrate better in find-tuning other aspects of the game. Thanks!
  13. Lol, I figured. I tried reloading to that COL last night but it looked funny. J/k.
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