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  1. Its not a time thing for me. It's the motion of doing another step. I met a guy on another forum who owns a 550 and he let me come over and try it. That at was a complete disaster. I have relatively big hands and fingers. On top of that, the RA is taking a good part of my dexterity. So the press feels cramped. I kept banging my hand trying to feed a case. Always bumped it on something. Hit my left hand on the bullet feed tray quite a bit. I did about 100 rounds in an hour. At that point, I had to give up. I had to drive home and didn't want to call the wife and have here come get me. At that point, I could barely use my hands. Some of it may be how the owner had it laid out. But it just felt cramped. After that, I decided I need to run a 1050 before I drop the coin on one. If it's as cramped as the 550 is I'll need to go another direction. I was also told to buy a 750 and use the case feeder (that would be a HUGE plus because handling the cases was not fun) and then get a bullet feeder to eliminate that situation. But...if the 750 is only marginally bigger than the 550 with one extra station, seems like I'll be back where everything is very tight around the tool head. I suppose that will be the case with anything at this point. I'm to the point where I may just say to hell with it and stay with my single stage press and live with not shooting as much. I'm also sure many of you can't understand my delimma but when your knuckles constantly hurt, and are swollen most of the time, anything you do to irritate them reduces you to tears in pretty short order. Or, I need to suck it up and just buy an Evolution and get on with it. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I've decided on either the 1050 or the Mark VII. How's that for making a rock solid decision? I just need to spend a bit more time before buying.
  3. LOL. I'm thinking about it. Don't know how I missed the Mark 7 presses. I may just add up the total for a decked out 1050 and then see where the M7 comes in. And then show it to the wife. The big issue I'll have with the Mark 7 is the computer stuff. I'm not a fan of that. Unless I see one in use and can follow the programming.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I don't think the turret is a good option for anything. I just don't want to use my hands that much. That's one reason why I'll most likely sell the RC. I have to pull the lever (leeeever if you are British) too many times just to make a round, and I'm trying to decrease my hand use as much as possible.
  5. This is is where I'm heading. I have the money to buy a 1050 and two extra caliber changes. That will get me going. RA is a miserable thing. I'd rather pay more and hurt less so I can still shoot. If I kill myself reloading then I have less feel good time to shoot. And I want to reload and shoot for as long as I can Thanks for the replies.
  6. Does the 82 and 129 include the dies, or everything but the dies??? It seems to me when I was looking at the 650, the caliber change came with the dies. I could be wrong. I've read so much in the last month I'm fixing to go blind.
  7. I was looking at moving the shell plate 4 times per round. Math is not my strong point though. If I load 500 rounds, and I have to turn the shell plate 4 times for each round, that is 2000 times I have turn the plate. Ok, now I see my bad math. This is what happens when you start with a single stage press. For me, that was dumb. I forgot to account for the fact that once the shell plate is loaded, there are 4 cases in there. So 503 is correct. Dammit. Still, I don't want to use my hand like that so many times. I have RA and the less I can do with my hands (and everything else for that matter) the better off I am. That's why I just don't want to do the repetitive motion, and one reason why I ruled out the 550. That and it's only 4 stations. I'd eventually like a bullet feeder as well, again, so I do less repetitive motion with my hands. So would you say skip the 750 and go straight to the 1050 after what I just posted? Thanks for pointing out my bad math and the advice. A.S.
  8. I'm getting ready to step up from a Rock Chucker to a progressive. Been using the RC for a year. It's great, but I'm kicking myself for not buying a progressive to start with. It will do everything a single stage press will, and many things it won't. I'm not a fan of spending money twice. So here I am. Ready to drop the dough and now I'm back to square one. I have ruled out the SDB because in need to reload rifle. I have ruled out the 550 because I'm not flipping the shell plate 2000 times to do 500 rounds. I was set on a 650, but now I'm told I can't get one and should get the new 750. I haven't seen much on that press yet. It looks to me that rather than the 750, I should just step up to the 1050 and be done with it. For the record, I need to load 9mm, .40, 10mm, .45, .223 and .308 and my minimum right now is ~ 2500 rounds a month. A year from now, that may double. Would you get the 750, or go straight for the 1050? TIA A.S.
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