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  1. I'm older - 62 - and I've been handloading for about 41 years, mostly handgun calibers, some 30-06 as I like deer hunting. Pretty much as long as I've been legal to own a handgun. I've had mixed success hunting deer with factory W/W semi wadcutter hollow points in a tuned Smith 686 4", 60 meter head shot. (No ruined meat.) Could I duplicate the shot, maybe in 5,000 tries. Practice and a lot of luck on that one. 100 meter metal silhouette shooting pig, chicken, duck steel targets, oh the satisfying ring it makes. I'm a grandpa 8 times over, and was a police officer for what seemed like forever, but was long enough for a LEOSA permit. I ONLY practice with reloads, I exclusively use a selected round to match my formers agency's use. I match that to practice with in reloading. If you ever defend yourself with handloads, prosecutors have been known to go for your carotid artery and jugular vien (figuratively). They will try to make you look like a bloodthirsty "Dirty Harry" or something, trust me. Being on the witness stand trying to explain all forms of ballistics is best left to OTHER professionals, so go with something your local cops of state police use. "I shot to stop the thereat to my life." I carry a Springfield XD 9mm Subcompact 3" barrel, one in the pipe, 16 in the mag. I like fishing, hunting, and playing with my two dachshunds. They are a riot! Very Barky breed though, good to wake you if you worry over home invasion.
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