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  1. Not tried it, but if you are going into the wall/studs, unneeded, IMO. FYI, the casefeeder is not too loud for loading after wifey’s bedtime, but the desk screwed into studs on a shared wall has made reloading after ‘bedtime’ a no-no due to our dogs’ interpreting the wall shakes as thunder (the ultimate bad guy).
  2. EDIT: I did receive a shipping notification from X-Treme on 09/29, my phone had updated and I wasn’t logged back into my email.
  3. Two recent orders, first time using either company - happy with both DG 230gr RN x 1k Ordered: 09/11/20 Shipping notification: 09/22/20 Arrival: 09/25/20 X-Treme 200gr FP x 1k Ordered: 09/21/20 Shipping notification: none, and I woulda waited a good while longer before bugging em Arrival: 10/03/20 (conveniently were waiting at home for me so as to replace the DGs which were apparently taken earlier at a match that day by somebody named Mike)
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