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  1. I had this same question as the OP earlier today but with .357 mag. I bought a set of used RCBS dies and I found out there was a nick in the threads on the outside of the sizing die body, so the die wouldn't thread down far enough. 6 out of 50 wouldn't chamber. So, good question.
  2. I didn't even think about the cycling issue. I'll just get somebody to supersize the barrel so it'll take the biggies. Seriously what's the right way to say it? You've gotten my attention with better sounding powders, Bi mart has Green Dot, would it be a good choice for 147gr also. Are you talking about a lower tone?
  3. I will definitely get the barrel/throat/leade cut to allow it to chamber longer bullets. What's the right way to say what your proposing? "Reaming the throat"? And who is doing that work that you folks would recommend? I'll have look at those.
  4. A chronograph is definitely on the short list of items to get. And BE-86 is out as a candidate for 124gr. subs. I've got a few subsonic loads with Titegroup and 147gr bullets from 3.1gr to 3.4gr. they work great in my Glocks. I'll have to find a 147gr with an Ogive that my CZ like, or that can be loaded short. I'll play with your w231 load above. I gotta get some sport pistol, but can't find it locally
  5. Thanks for the responses folks, I've got what I feel is a good soft shooting suppressor load for RMR 147 grain match winners with titegroup. unfortunately I'd have to load those bullets at 1.09" OAL in my CZpo9. The bullet manufacturer recommends 1.13" OAL and I'm new enough at this to not go against manuf. recommendations. Gotta take the kids to school.
  6. Hey folks, I'm looking for a recommendation of a starting load, for suppressor use (Obsidian 45) with a CZ P09 that has a short throat. 124gr RMR round nose BE 86 or W231 powder, (I also have Titegroup) 1.125" OAL CCI #500 SPP Brass can be anything, I have at least some of most brands. I've got recommendations on good mid range to near max loads with BE 86, I'm just not sure where to start on the lower end. I don't have a chronograph. Thanks in advance, Nate
  7. Love to see some images of what you have going on, part #'s too. When time permits. Nate
  8. That makes sense, I'll load up some dummies and then pull them to check. I just ordered up 3 sampler's.
  9. Is there any way to explain how much more to flare versus FMJ? or is it trial and error? With FMJ I flare just enough so the bullet will sit on top and not fall off, I have done about 100 rnds of cast and I used the same method, didn't get any lead shaving off from the case but these were .355's. I appreciate the responses folks.
  10. I've just read this 11 page thread over two nights and am just about to make a Brazo's purchase of a couple sample packs in a couple different sizes 135 gr .357 an 135 gr .358 diameter's. My shopping cart is loaded but before I do it, I wanted to get more information on the case mouth expansion prior to seating a .358 bullet. So. I'm working with an RCBS Rockchucker with RCBS carbide dies and have loaded approx. 500 to 600 rounds, all FMJ or cast .355 conical nose (Georgia Arms). So I'm new. I read somewhere about an expanding die to expand the neck from "NOE", but I also read that, that tool has to be modified to work correctly. Is that what all you folks are doing to seat these larger diam. bullets? I haven't slugged any of my bore's and don't have a micrometer yet. I just thought I'd pick up a few different sizes and see what shoots best.
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