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  1. any 1 got a problem with blocked music in your country?
  2. Was dumping all my vids from a HD so decided to make some pewpew and music
  3. but can it be combined with some funny buffers like 5020ss for further improvement?
  4. Guys, help Any thoughts on using prism x1 optic in fast pcc matches? I came to the problem when 1 moa red dot become unclear for my old eyes and a lot of stages were dusted becouse of situation when i put a dot right on the plate but can't hit it . So i saw a somewhat new Swampfox Blade 1x25 Prism and i was like huh, could it be the solution? i have zero experience in shooting PCC with lpvo or prismx1 so i need some information • i know there's eyebox problem with lpvo and prism..but how hard it's in real fast pcc matches where you want to squeeze 15HF or so..?
  5. with 4.1 D032 * 115gn i got ~132-135 4.45 D032 gave me about 138-140 at what Coal u load?
  6. and here is me tuning my AR with stickers
  7. 3:29 got some a-ta-ta-ta, or..? 4:51 proc? would be good to add some numbers: HF / % or dunno, win by
  8. The next question is..The bolt weight ..in or out ?
  9. it is always the same pack of problems • disconnector little f*#ker spring (should be changed once a year) especially ECL • firing pin + spring (should be changed once a year) • too long/short stroke can cause a list of problems
  10. i would prefer my gun to shoot 100% when i would need that
  11. it become even louder!:D wife sends you her regards
  12. yeah! great idea! :DDD need to tell it to my wife (she sits near me usually)
  13. Can you please show on pic/video what did you do exactly..coz i have a bit of the same problem..it's not bothering me for now, but could help to solve another problem
  14. Got the roller cam and a new spring and a ball combo.. Didn't help = / This thing keeps screaming in my face Tried to put the shaft higher or lower..it just screams It comes from the vibration of case insert slide&cam (yes, oiled) If i push it with the finger it shuts up..but i can't come up with what could i do to make in pressed all the time
  15. can't decide between a 115/131PF load and a 115/138PF load.. both at 1.157" 131 gives +30 accuracy (about 1" inch at 15y) 138 gives +20attack speed and +7dmg..but -20 accuracy
  16. Sup guys Start position: 15y Gun: shouldered / dot on the target Throwing there fastest splits you can do Your honest hand on the heart: what is the average group in inches there will be and the split times ? + Bullet weight/PF if known
  17. been there had that b) / c) 2lb + fast fingering + weak grip = bump I choose to put stronger (red) springs in my Eclipse. + check if your F.pin spring weared off or not..but sounds that it's not that case
  18. +1 to the side charger. When i'll be ready to spend 5k eur on "new best pcc" first of all i'll check if it's side or not..otherwise for me it's just another well tuned, woked moneycow for a year or two..
  19. Can someone enlighten me please, what is the whole thing about hollow points? why does it becoming so popular and how it's better than fmj ?
  20. • cleaning + oiling the right spots on the bolt • avoiding low pf + weared off trigger group/replacing a littlef*#ker disconnector spring once a year • replacing trigger pin + spring twice a year as i see how to battle slamming
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