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  1. At some point after my post here, I found someone with a similar issue over on SigTalk: https://sigtalk.com/p250-p320-p320-x-5-pistols/365326-p320-40-s-w-failure-feed.html ... I posted findings there (with pictures) and others posted with similar issues too. I just posted there now as well. Here's the bullet points of this fiasco: * I tried grams spring and follower, no change * I sent gun back to Sig, they swapped the barrel, issues were still there when I got it back * I cut one of my mags with a Dremel, the front lip that was contacting the cartridge ... FTFs still occurred, this time they were jamming into the feed ramp and getting stuck there * Tried the heaviest recoil spring I had (18#), issue still occurred * For some of the rounds that did feed, the gun still cycled weird ... you can feel it, hard to explain beyond that * Was told by someone at Sig that this is a known issue and a fix is in the works ... I don't think it's high priority because there's less .40 interest these days (outside of USPSA) @Gen , I can see how loading shorter could help, but I'm not in a position to do that since I don't reload. @thormx538 , mags are seated all the way. I have used two different factory mag catches (the original and one from Springer Precision with the paddle). I have mostly used the TXG grip module. I have shot it in its original full size configuration, but not enough to determine anything. Note that I'm using the FCU from a 9mm P320 that has the GrayGuns competition trigger kit. At this point in time, I'm done troubleshooting this issue and am moving onto a new platform for Limited Major. When Sig release their "fix" in the assumed form of an official X5 in .40, or similar, that will be cool, but since I've already moved on, it likely won't be something for me, but we'll see.
  2. @BryceA, where did you see/find a 1911 Max in .40? Only the 9mm and .45 are listed on Sig's website ... I know it's been that way since November, so I'm thinking they are no longer making it in .40, but I assume there are some still out there, just harder to find now?
  3. Factory length ammo ... the biggest offender is Federal Syntech, 205 gr. I have the 14 round mags with TTI +5 bases and their springs, but stock follower. The issue doesn't have anything to do with how many rounds are loaded though, it can happen with 10, 5, 2, etc. It actually can be seen when unloading the mags by hand. It happens on all 4 mags too. I know grams has followers (and springs) ... not sure if that would help here though. I can try to post some pictures at some point.
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