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  1. What is a "memory stage"? My next 3 Gun competition will have two of them but I've never heard of this before.
  2. This is for the 3 Gun events (not USPSA) at Ontelaunee in New Tripoli, PA. They follow 3 Gun Nation rules.
  3. Thanks for the reply but I'm referring to 3 Gun. Perhaps there's a similar calculator for that?
  4. I'm somewhat new to 3 gun and have been trying to figure out how to compute my classification percentage for each individual match. I've only shot two matches thus far and each of them had a classifier stage. I understand that my classification is based on an average of my first 4 classifiers. Also, that going forward it's the average of the top 4 out of 6 classifiers. I've googled and searched this topic on this site without success. Any help is appreciated. Rob
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