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  1. seems very short, does Taccom recommend cutting 6 coils off a rifle spring (12.75") or cutting 6 coils off a carbine length spring (10.5")??? This seems like it would be too short to function properly?? Anyone want to chime in on this, as clearly I am no spring expert LOL!
  2. Shells ? We’re not cavemen. We still use beads and beaver pelts thank you very much! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. TIME TO EAT SOME CROW ,,, Went to test my theory at the range and I need to apologize to Taccom as I am 100% wrong !! The cut AR10 spring did function, but barely. It barely had enough pressure to close the bolt. All I succeeded to prove is that I can waste $20 faster than anyone. Lol What’s even funnier is that I didn’t want to wait to order from brownells and actually bought it in our local gun shop and paid the premium$35 Canadian for it. Now part of this I blame Taccom , lol(kidding) because if they would ship to Canada , I wouldn’t have to get creative and would order 1 of everything from them. Just saying. Or at least make your parts available to buy through Brownells as they ship to Canada. So.....nom nom nom nom nom ( that’s me eating crow , lol) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ok, so I think I know what Taccom is offering with these flat wire recoil springs...…. I found it odd that it only measures 9.75" and is a cut spring and not factory finished on both ends....hmmmm. So here's what I have deduced, these are nothing more than a strike industries ar10 .308 flat wire spring which is exactly 19.50" long that are cut exactly in half (9.75") So I'm testing my theory and picked up a new strike industries spring from Brownells for $19.99 and cut it in half to get 2 springs.$9.99 each vs Taccoms price of $25. Will test it out tomorrow to see how it runs with the Taccom buffer. If I'm wrong ,which I don't think I am, I will owe the guys at Taccom an apology, lol. Will report back the results tomorrow. Cheers john
  5. Totally agree. With a few upgrades like a rollerball turret setup , its smooth and I have loaded over 20,000 rounds and have never had a primer set off......Every couple of thousand rounds I use some compressed air and blow out the primer tube and plate o get rid of any primer residue.
  6. does anybody know if a Cape magwell will fit on the Cheely E2?
  7. Whats the final verdict, Did you get it to fit yet?
  8. Thanks squid! Is it machine finished on both ends or just one end and the other looks like it was just a cut coil?? The reason I ask is I think this is a standard AR15 flat wire recoil spring (14") that Taccom just cut to the 9.75" and resells them for the VR80. If it is finished exactly the same on both ends, then I am completely wrong and Taccom had them made to their spec.
  9. I have the T&N hammer kit in mine with the bolt release in place and have never had a light strike of FTF. I personally don't care for the bolt hold open, but have left it in place so far.
  10. I love my RF100, Its super fast. Highly recommend it.
  11. same here, I use a lot of cheap challenger target loads , they go on sale for $75 for a flat of 250rnds When I go to a match I splurge on the Winchester AA for $13/box, the hulls seem to be firmer and they cycle better.
  12. Can I trouble you for a length measurement on it ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. What is the length of the new flat recoil spring??
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