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  1. Spoke to Tom at MOA a few weeks ago and he said they were sold out and should have stock again late Feb.
  2. I got a holosun on my VR80 and it's great, very quick aquisition and hold zero under the shotgun recoil. I like the solar panel on it and the shake to awake option is cool.
  3. Hi all, I picked up a m3k on a black friday sale and stripped totally to file the extractor channel, clean, relube, install a nordic extension. Finally had a chance to get out and function test it today. Ran 75 assorted challenger, dominion and score shells with no failures at all. Seems to feed awesome, and I really like it. Now I have to get grinding on the loading port a bit. I usually run a magfed Derya MK12 (VR 80), but always wanted to try this type of shotty. Thanks to everyone for all the great info in this thread! John from the cold Canadian north
  4. Anyone? Somebody must have one that they done need......will pay retail plus shipping Cheers John
  5. Anyone got a spare adapter they can sell me? MOA is sold out and I have the magpul stock just waiting to get mounted up. Thanks John
  6. Yup, Just search "GL-Shock" on their site
  7. I took some videos shooting it and it moved about an 1/2 to 3/4 inch or so during recoil. Doesn't effect sighting in anyway I noticed, if anything the less recoil made it easier to get back on target after the shot. Cheers John
  8. that was me that tried the Fab Defense G-Shock , I had one on my Stag10 and I made it very soft. I also epoxy'd a Tapco recoil Pad to the existing one and it is by far the softest 12ga I ever shot.
  9. Hey I'm not to far from you in Red Deer !
  10. Whats the giant knob charging handle? where did you get that? Got a clearer pic?
  11. seems very short, does Taccom recommend cutting 6 coils off a rifle spring (12.75") or cutting 6 coils off a carbine length spring (10.5")??? This seems like it would be too short to function properly?? Anyone want to chime in on this, as clearly I am no spring expert LOL!
  12. Shells ? We’re not cavemen. We still use beads and beaver pelts thank you very much! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. TIME TO EAT SOME CROW ,,, Went to test my theory at the range and I need to apologize to Taccom as I am 100% wrong !! The cut AR10 spring did function, but barely. It barely had enough pressure to close the bolt. All I succeeded to prove is that I can waste $20 faster than anyone. Lol What’s even funnier is that I didn’t want to wait to order from brownells and actually bought it in our local gun shop and paid the premium$35 Canadian for it. Now part of this I blame Taccom , lol(kidding) because if they would ship to Canada , I wouldn’t have to get creative and would order 1 of everything from them. Just saying. Or at least make your parts available to buy through Brownells as they ship to Canada. So.....nom nom nom nom nom ( that’s me eating crow , lol) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ok, so I think I know what Taccom is offering with these flat wire recoil springs...…. I found it odd that it only measures 9.75" and is a cut spring and not factory finished on both ends....hmmmm. So here's what I have deduced, these are nothing more than a strike industries ar10 .308 flat wire spring which is exactly 19.50" long that are cut exactly in half (9.75") So I'm testing my theory and picked up a new strike industries spring from Brownells for $19.99 and cut it in half to get 2 springs.$9.99 each vs Taccoms price of $25. Will test it out tomorrow to see how it runs with the Taccom buffer. If I'm wrong ,which I don't think I am, I will owe the guys at Taccom an apology, lol. Will report back the results tomorrow. Cheers john
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