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  1. I own 2 JPoints and two Optima 2000s (the predecessor of the JPoint. There have not been any improvements since this red dot came onto the market (under various names and brands). I agree with all of your conclusions. Also, the brightness of the red dot in sunlight is often inadequate to pprevent "washout", and it can be too dim to be useful in a dark environment. The speed of responsiveness of the sensor that adjusts the dot's brightness to ambient illumination is quite slow compared to other red dots (I have 5 other brands for comparison). Lastly, I recently purchased their new Circle-Dot model. It is dimmer than the dot-omly models (I have the 8 MOA models, whose red dot JP Rifles/Enterprised says is their brightest). So, although my draw has become sufficiently repetable to pick up a red dot quickly, I cannot recommend the JPoints. Nonetheless, they are currently the only option (along with the Shield (which has the same issues) for which small pistols (like my SIG 365) can be milled.
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