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  1. Range update: installed 12# spring and that seemed to solve it although perceived recoil increased (which could be more mental than anything). Still exceedingly impressed with the accuracy of the gun, which was shooting as well or better than my 1911. Thanks to all that offered help and look forward to getting more into different pistol events this year. My background in handguns is only from the military so the learning curve is very steep.
  2. Bought a new X5 Legion and am sorely disappointed with reliability after the first range session. Gun has been stripped down and lubed before the shot. Shooting a mix of Fiocchi 115gr and Browning 147gr resulted in several FTEs with multiple stovepipes per magazine. The 115gr was definitely more trouble prone but the 147gr suffered at least two stovepipes per 10rd mag. In general, extraction seemed weak with rounds ejecting straight up and landing on my arms or back on the pistol. This is the first SIG I’ve purchased, coming from Glocks but liking the overall grip on the X5 given a hand injury which prevents full use of my right hand. While I was very impressed with the accuracy, the reliability has me questioning the purchase. I’ll be contacting SIG on Monday but in the meantime is there anything I should check/change if I can get to the range again today?
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