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  1. Black bullets for me. They ship really fast and package their stuff really well.
  2. Setup, tape, reset, and teardown. All part of the game. My brother and i were setting up on our first membership day. Members are required to participate but not disciplined if they dont. Peer pressure seems to work fine. Besides it aids in my stage planning! Range cleanup day is this weekend. After lunch participants get a free man on man steel match.
  3. My NIB g34 is on the table staring at me also. I needed another glock like i needed another holster...
  4. "Standby..." After shooting my first 6 stages at the WNPL I feel like getting pie somewhere. My friend who is a Grand Master talked me into this new adventure believing i was a good fit. James walked me through the different divisions landing me in carry optics. I loaded up some nice light 10mm using a 40cal recipie that chrono'd out at 1090fps with 180gr fmj's. I had to buy a non ported barrel for my 20c, and some mag pouches but ran "newbie" with a LAG holster and single piece gunbelt. in the end, i only had three goals.. dont get DQ'd, dont loose, and have fun. Im hooked. Finished 58th out of 63. New holster acquired for the next match. I need more practice on finding my dot, and counting shots so i dont run dry. shooter ready...
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