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  1. I know lots of it gets used in light to medium 45 ACP loads under cast SWC projectiles. It is one of the fluffier (higher volume) powders for a given charge/velocity under the bullets I tend to load. Other powders in the same fluffiness ballpark include Clays, e3, 231, etc. I don't see it in the Hodgdon tables, but I do see 231, Clays, HP-38, and Titegroup, which are often used in similar loadings as WST.
  2. I had one last week. Got a response with RMA number next day. Tracking says delivery tomorrow, so 6 business days including shipping both ways.
  3. Well since I was pressed...continuing rant so I can continue to work up to 50 posts. Wolff was +/- 0.5# to spec in my limited test. So I checked some other Wolff Springs on hand (new to slightly used, 14# and 17#, for major and minor 45) and got the same results.
  4. Edit: Now I see mainspring mentioned in the OP title. Sorry for the unrequested reply on recoil springs. 17# mainspring in a 9mm Trojan and a Valor, with no issues igniting Remington, Federal, and CCI SPP. Trigger at 2.75# in both. (I do find that I prefer 23# mainspring in 45 cal with major loads...as this helps control slide velocity. Triggers still under 3# easily attainable.) I think you'll find most factory 9mm guns with 17-19 mainsprings. Trojan generally runs good with a 10# recoil spring, but begins to have some feedway stoppages if that spring
  5. They sent a lower link rebuild kit for my 550b when I had some play in mine based on an email with a few photographs. I was happy about it. I have a (very old) powder measure that cracked. It wasn't the fault of the equipment. Can't blame them for it. I had a spare. If I ask them about it and they replace or fix, I'll be happy about that too. Do you have two accounts to make your complaint about Dillon CS seem more legitimate? Does it make you feel more special when you get a reply to your thread from yourself? Or is it better when your reply gets a response from
  6. Ditto on others. Stock 45 mainspring is 23# and works even with my "barely major" loads, so I'd want a few clicks more more to absorb initial slide energy on 10mm.
  7. At 1400 per pound, 1.6 cents per shot, delivered. At 2000 per pound, 1.1 cents per shot. So it takes 1000 or 2000 rounds before switching powders pays for the lead, primers, and powders expended during a simple load workup. But as you said, sometimes availability makes us look elsewhere. But since you're already paying for shipping on that CFE Pistol, they also have Clean Shot, WST, and Titegroup in stock...
  8. Grafs has CFE pistol in stock, 1# and 8#. $20 per pound on the 8#. Their flat rate shipping plus hazmat is $22.50 per order.
  9. ~3.8 WST ~3.9 Bullseye ~3.4 E3 Clean Shot, Sport Pistol, AA#2, or American Select? You've got options. But in then end, using less weight of a powder that is the same cost per pound saves fractions of a penny. For me, more money to be saved by finding primers and projectiles on special. I actually felt Bullseye was fairly clean in 9mm minor loadings and continued to use it there after moving on to other powders in 45.
  10. I've had similar results...but not on the Remington. Federal SR (not match, not magnum) and CCI 400 SR were 100% in my p320 (stock internals) and 9mm 1911 (with 17# mainspring, lightened hammer). Remington 7 1/2 was a not reliable enough for me for 9mm pistol use, even though it's my favorite 5.56 SRP. I'll be the 6 1/2 would've been fine.
  11. Three recent experiences for 200 gr SWC .45 coated bullets...no groove, bevel base. All shipped 2000 to 2500 per USPS MFR box. Missouri - their square boxes have always been fine inside of USPS flat rate cartons. Right now, seems like they're delivery is within about ten days. My last order was in late June, and took about 2 weeks. His coated stuff always looks great. That said, I notice they recently streamlined inventory on website to simplify their operation during current busy season. They'll continue to be my supplier for my lower low quantity loads (38 special, 45 colt,
  12. Ten shots of 4.0 gr with 200 gr SWC gave 868 fps, SD of 15 from my 5" Baer. Ammo was probably 50-60 F. Most shots were right around 860, but a few peaky high ones that spread out the group. Don't know if it'll ultimately replace WST for me. I'll probably go a bit slower before I try enough to gauge cleanliness.
  13. I'm about to swap WST from the powder hopper to begin a workup of e3 for 200g swc. Internet research and those that have gone before says I'll wind up around 4.0-4.2 gr for 165+ PF (825 fps). Alliant once advocated using red dot data for e3 in pistol. For red dot, the 230 grain published max load is what, 5.1 grains for 840 fps? To get 725 fps, a quick search says you might wind up around 4.0 grains. I'm not experienced with red dot (or E3) so I can't comment on how consistent they are at lighter loads...sounds like we'll both be finding out. Member zzt is getting r
  14. According to DG they also have a 145 RN available...not on their website yet. I've been using the 135 RN coated from Missouri (.357) with good results, but eyeing similar options (135 and 145 RN) from DG but most recently Summers Enterprises. I've been really happy with the 135 at 130-135 PF using WST. I know WST is "off the books" for 9mm. Others have done 147s with it, but I think the heavier end of the spectrum is where the concern with it lies.
  15. My last order from Missouri (June?) was about four weeks to arrive due to backlog. He also moved a replacement order (for a mis-shipped product) to the front of the line and got it out the door next day. Edit: saw a poster on another forum say purchased to received in about a week, so perhaps they've gotten through backlog. My last order from DG (late July) shipped same day from in-stock items, less than a week to arrive.
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