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  1. I haven't gone below 17# with 9mm guns on Rem/CCI primers. At one time I ran the same in some 45 guns setup for "minor" ammo. Haven't had issues with ignition on either. My opinion is that I'd want more than that to control/slow slide motion for 45 ACP. (I personally run 23#.) You may have some benefit running a flat bottom firing pin stop on the 45 and then round on the 9mm top.
  2. You need an additional garage hobby. Work on a car, woodwork, appliance repair, etc.
  3. Doesn't matter. Disco pops up when in battery and gets pushed down during slide travel.
  4. With some of the (stock) FLGR guns I've had, the GR is too long to allow one to rotate bushing by depressing the plug...and some of those don't even have the paper clip hole. That means you have to pull the slide, let the flgr slip down on the barrel feet, and then rotate bushing, pull spring/plug, etc. A hot second on a lathe would fix the length, but I haven't taken the time. I did drill paper clip holes in some. Being able to take the gun apart without a bushing wrench (either dawson flgr, paper clip, or GI setups) allows you to not have a bushing wrench, and be a little easi
  5. Summers Enterprises seems to be keeping wait times short by limiting the orders he takes. (He closes his website when he gets a backlog.) I put another order in with him this weekend. Not to dry up my own source, but he's making and shipping good product.
  6. I have one in my 9mm Trojan and in my 45 Baer. 1 oz heavier than GI setup. Takedown isn't any faster or easier than with a GI setup but is less cumbersome than the standard FLGRs that those two guns came with.
  7. Does the PM9 have the goofy retained spring plug like my Valors...where the plug cannot come out the rear of the slide channel, only the front? I've had no other 1911 with this "feature." (Baers, STIs, modern Colts, SAs, and even an S&W.) It seems like inability to remove plug from the rear would prohibit using the dawson tool-less as intended. For my GI guiderod guns (Valors), I takedown using my spare hand to keep the spring in place during slide removal. Once it's off, I carefully remove spring and guidrod. Once that's out, you can use fingers or wrench to remove bushin
  8. My first 1911 9mm was a fusion. I was trying to be cheap and found one used. It had many of the features I wanted for a range/match gun. It had features I couldn't get at the price on a springfield, S&W, sig, etc. I quickly learned why it was for sale. Non ramped barrel and non-standard ejector geometry. It was like they used a 45 ACP ejector and machined the slide to fit. This meant regular failure to eject. Non ramped barrel meant several bullet profiles didn't feed reliably. (What 9mm gun won't feed 124 gr FMJ RN?) I tried every magazine I could get my hand on. Wil
  9. I haggled over a difference of $5 with a guy on a used set of Dillon "new style" dies this May. I think he wanted $50. Ultimately I passed. This was on ar15 forums. I hadn't paid over $40 for any of the, probably six, sets I already have in other pistol calibers. I looked at ebay to see if any were available a few weeks ago and was shocked. I figured I'll keep using my "old style" dies for 9mm. It's not like I have an endless supply of small primers anyhow. It's a great time to sell off stuff you aren't using. Oddball ammo, projectiles, powders, reloading gear, b
  10. jcc7x7 called it. ETM, Cobra, and Metalform are the three go-to options in 10rd 9mm mags. Wilsons tend to sit higher in the gun, so make sure they're not up against your ejector. This higher position can be a good thing for guns that need some help to feed well. EGW also makes a "raised" mag catch, if you want to get that effect with Tripp/Metalform/other mags. I sold my stack of Wilson ETMs this spring in order to switch to Tripp, but was also ironing out some gun issues at the time. I use the Tripps now with success. CDNN had Zenith 10rd 9mm mags this summer...re
  11. Kensight, Novak, and Wilson have the recess. Warren Tactical, Dawson, and Heinie are flat. There are others in both camps. Many of the recessed blade sights are also serrated on the rear flat. I prefer the recessed style, but my eye only sees the outline.
  12. I will add, I've had two large rollmark trojans (45 and 40) and currently have two horse head trojans (9mm and 45.) The 9mm is serial TS65xx, with serial on the ejection port side of the frame. The 45 is serial TS33xx with serial on slide-catch side of frame. The earlier gun has a much better finish (it's slick and thicker "bluing") than on the later gun, which is more like the large rollmark non-horse head guns I've had. My later gun also has more machining marks, like roughness in the slide serrations that the earlier gun lacks. The earlier gun also
  13. I am happy with WST and will probably experiment with e3 in that load. I wasn't unhappy with Bullseye in 9mm 124 fmj. If I were constrained to powders with manufacturer published data, I'd probably try and be happy with American Select, AA#2, Clean Shot, Sport Pistol, n320, CFE Pistol, etc.
  14. Missouri sells a coated 38 super bullet at 357 diameter. 135 grain. Have gone through several thousand in my 9mm guns. Summers Enterprises is another great option.
  15. I know lots of it gets used in light to medium 45 ACP loads under cast SWC projectiles. It is one of the fluffier (higher volume) powders for a given charge/velocity under the bullets I tend to load. Other powders in the same fluffiness ballpark include Clays, e3, 231, etc. I don't see it in the Hodgdon tables, but I do see 231, Clays, HP-38, and Titegroup, which are often used in similar loadings as WST.
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