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  1. @Overscore I registered Sunday night. But thanks for the heads up.
  2. @zzt Practiscore is showing the Aug 3rd USPSA match to be full. Which LPRGC listing are you looking at? (Maybe I'm looking at the wrong one.) This is what I'm looking at: https://www.practiscore.com/lprgc-lower-providence-uspsa-august-2019-match/register
  3. I didn't register in time for that one. I'm going to try for the next USPSA match at NHRPC.
  4. Video from my latest IDPA match. Match was hosted by the Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club. This is my 3rd IDPA match. I'm starting to get the hang of things, but I know I still have a lot to learn. I was really sluggish during the first couple of stages, but I seemed to improve as the day wore on. One of the things that these videos have made painfully clear to me is that I need to work on my grip. I never realized that I was resetting my left hand grip after each shot until I started recording myself. I also discovered that I run like a girl when I have a loaded gun
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I think the comments regarding my grip are spot on.
  6. @Rugbyrat, the USPSA matches at New Holland Rifle & Pistol are open to the public. (I'm not a member there either.) Match fee is $25. You register on Practiscore. Pay match fee when you sign in at the club. I've also shot a couple of IDPA matches at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. They run a good match, and have a good turn out. I've heard good things about Ontelaunee Rod and Gun, but I haven't shot there yet. Happy shooting!
  7. I completed my first USPSA match yesterday. I competed in Single Stack (major). I screwed up a couple of the stages, especially stage 5. It was a fun experience. I hope to jump back into the frey next month. Video of the match is posted below. I welcome any constructive feedback you guys may have.
  8. Hello everybody! I just started competing in IDPA and USPSA a couple months ago. I'm a fan of the 1911. So, I compete in the CDP division for IDPA and SS (major) division for USPSA. I've completed two IDPA matches, and yesterday I did my first USPSA match. All of the matches have been local tier 1/level 1 matches. I hold a Sharp Shooter classification in IDPA. I'm currently unclassified in USPSA. I've been doing a lot of research into Single Stack gear for USPSA, and a lot of searches have brought me to this forum. So, I figured I may as well join.
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