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  1. Never shot steel challenge but one of the local ranges will be hosting an event this weekend. They noted that there will be 4 stages. Trying to figure out how much ammo will be needed. As I understand it, you normally shoot each stage 5 times and record the best four times. Each stage has 5 targets. So, assuming no misses, 25 rounds per stage. So, for four stages, a minimum of 100 rounds would be shot. Order of shooting? I guess the targets can be shot in any order as long as the stop plate is shot last? Planning to bring my USPSA belt, holster and S2 for CO division. Any advice for a first time steel challenge competitor? Are there any pitfalls to watch out for?
  2. Stafford

    DA trigger prep

    OK, not sure why this hadn't dawned on me before, but this is something I'm going to start working on in dry fire. Pulling the pistol from the holster and prepping the trigger so that as I present to the target the hammer is already back for the first shot with my Shadow 2. I'm guessing that some competitors have fired one into the ground on the way to the target while prepping the DA, but I've never seen it happen. So, my guess is that DA trigger prep is being done by experienced competitors who are well practiced, and that less experienced shooters aren't doing it at all. I certainly have been one who wasn't doing it at all.
  3. Might have just been more focused due to using a different pistol. I wear contacts but have astigmatism.
  4. I normally shoot a Shadow 2 in Carry Optics and primarily practice with that pistol. I attended a practice session, and for whatever reason, decided to shoot with my Glock 17 with irons. The main difference was practicing on 25 yard targets. I found that it was easier to pick up the thin fiber optic at distance than the dot on my CZ. Secondarily, I seemed to be as or more accurate on paper. This will require some further practice as this wasn't a match, and I was focusing on slower, more accurate shots while running a stage. But, my first reaction is that either the heavy muzzle of the CZ is dipping on my second shot during a match ( i.e. A/C, A/D) or I'm pulling the barrel down on the second shot. I was a bit surprised to see tighter shot placement. I'm certain that the Glock gives a stronger recoil impulse, but I seemed to be able to hit more A's on the second shot on paper.
  5. Anyone regularly switch back and forth between the two platforms? I've been shooting USPSA every weekend, but if I switch it up and shoot IDPA on two of the weekends, I can reduce travel. The last time I shot an IDPA match, I continued to drop loaded mags out of habit from USPSA.
  6. Looking at purchasing some softer shooting ammo online as I don't reload. From what I've read here, ammo for CZ's should have an OAL of 1.13 or lower. I think this mainly applies to 147 grain, but not really sure. I typically fun factory 115 grain of all sorts and have never had issues and have never considered the OAL before. Ammo 1 is 147 grain remanufactured with an OAL of 1.145 - so I'm guessing I should stay away from this or it likely will have issues in my S2. Ammo 2 is 151 grain with an OAL of 1.117 - so I'm guessing this should run in my CZ's Any thoughts on this. I'm really out of my element here.
  7. Trying to wrap my head around this concept. FYI, I don't reload and shoot factory ammo. Yesterday, I shot Federal Syntech Action pistol 9mm 124 grain red bullet. It averages around 1050 with a power factor of around 130. Good ammo, accurate. Then there is the Federal Syntech Training ammo with the purple bullets. The 147 has a published velocity of 1000. So, the power factor will be much higher -147, but I'm guessing that it should recoil slightly less than the 124 due to lower velocity. Is that correct? I thought PF correlated with recoil.
  8. 45 Raven, I think what you're experiencing is normal. Apparently, as you adjust to the dot, you become more "target focused" as opposed to front sight focused. Essentially, your eyes adjust to seeing the target, presenting the pistol toward the target, and the dot should appear on the target. As opposed to pointing the pistol and trying to find the dot and put it on the target. When you return to irons, you present the pistol at the target and now the irons are there already. As opposed to pointing and focusing on your front sight.
  9. Stafford

    Weight vs. Control

    I like to compare my heavier pistols, Shadow 2 and SP01 to my lighter pistols, Glocks, while at the range. The weight of the CZ's make them fun to shoot, but I wonder if the weight also makes them harder to control while squeezing the trigger. I guess I notice it the most while shooting my S2 one handed and trying to control the dot from jumping all over the place. I guess I wonder if a lighter pistol would be easier to control in certain situations. And whether some shooters could benefit from shooting a lighter weight pistol as opposed to playing the heavy weight game for competition. For the record, I shoot my Shadow 2 better than my Glock 17. But, I wonder if I spent as much time shooting the G17 and dry firing it as I have with my S2, would it make much difference.
  10. Is there any advantage or disadvantages to one or the other for Carry Optics?
  11. I run a Holosun which looks like a micro red dot compared to the SRO. But, it was the recommended dot for those with astigmatism. Get a Holosun with an 8 MOA and turn it down to kill the blurry effect. So, I never really looked at any others. I'll have to try some others and see.
  12. Does the size of the red dot (frame and lens) make much of a difference in picking up the dot? I'm running a Holosun which looks very small compared to some of the others I see in Carry Optics. But, I don't have much experience with any others. Just wondering if a bigger frame and lens helps or if it doesn't really matter.
  13. Stafford

    SP01 vs S2

    This week, I further experimented with my grip. I tried putting my support hand pointer finger on the front of the trigger guard. This helped me point the S2 on target and not present high. This was in dry fire and I also experimented with my SP01 and a Glock 17 for comparison. It seemed to help with those as well, however neither the SP01 or Glock have a dot. I gave it a shot in live fire practice and found that putting my finger on the trigger guard to be something that I adjusted to quickly. I seemed to be on target without presenting high. And the couple of times I lost the dot, I was able to recover quicker. Anyone else use the front of the trigger guard for support?
  14. The club that is 1 hour 10 minutes away is a place where I shoot evey month. I don't compete at the one that is 30 minutes away becasue they run IDPA which I don't shoot. Can't find any info about appyling there online as their website is closed to members only. My best option is to strike a deal with a local private range that is used for Concealed Carry qualification. I think they give private instruction for an hourly rate. If it's not too expensive, I can set up instruction and use that time to practice. We'll see.
  15. It has the facilities, but, I'm not sure it is worth it because of the drive. While it is 1 hour 10 minutes from home, it will be 1 hour and 40 minutes from work to get there. And that has made me hesitate. I go one way to work and would have to go back the other way to this range. It won't cost anything to apply and be on the waiting list, but it will cost $600 to join if accepted. If that does happen, I'll drop my membership from the indoor range where I'm currently a member. The local private range is a much better option if I can make it happen.
  16. Not yet. I'm applying to one of the clubs that is over 1 hour away. But, I'm more interested in a local private range. We'll see what happens. Maybe I should buy some land.
  17. Nearest club is 30 minutes away with a 3+ year waiting list. Other clubs are over 1 hour away and have a shorter waiting list. I'm now exploring an option to shoot at a range on private property.
  18. Previously, I've shot there while the guy to my left was drawing from IWB at 5 pm. I backed away until he was done then went to the line to shoot. I was aware of what he was doing but I don't know if the RO at the time did or not. Today, I was planning to draw from a double belt, OWB rig at 2:30 pm, a much safer scenario than what I described above. But, can't do that at this range anymore. That's fine. I'll figure something else out to train.
  19. Anyone find this is your only real training for competition? My local outdoor does not allow draw from holster, but I can shoot steel. My indoor range does allow draw from holster, but I'm shooting in the confines of a bay. Today I went to the indoor to practice draws and doubles. But the RO told me they no longer allow draws from holster, so I no longer have a place to practice draws with live fire. He pointed to a spot where someone had shot the side of the bay into the floor. So, my training for matches is basically dry fire and shooting matches.
  20. Stafford

    SP01 vs S2

    I would like to try the SP01 out in a match. However, it does not have a dot, so I would be switching back to Production on the fly.
  21. Stafford

    SP01 vs S2

    I recently switched my grip on my S2. Previously, I rested my thumb on the slide stop with my thumb pointing slightly upward. I then went to a thumb forward grip which seems to have helped with recoil management and accuracy. However, it does require a slight cant of my left wrist and the change leaves me indexing high and sometimes losing the dot. It's an adjustment, but when I drew with the SP01, I seemed to be right on target. I can only assume it's the slightly lighter weight with less muzzle weight that contributes to making the grip adjustment easier with that pistol. But, that's just a guess.
  22. Stafford

    SP01 vs S2

    I've been very focused on shooting my Shadow 2 for the last 20 months, first in Production and then in CO. The SP01 was purchased as a back up and has been used very little at the range, or dry fire. Recently, I've taken it out to the range a few time and have also been dry firing. I think the balance of the SP01 may be more suitable for me than the S2. The S2 is a bit top heavy and it seems as if I always present my dot high and have to really focus to put it on target from the draw. I've recently started dry firing the SP01 and find that I'm quicker on the draw to target and trigger pull with irons that with the red dot on the S2.
  23. Had a new shooter in our squad this weekend. He was using a CZ SP01 Tactical in CO. At make ready he decocked and the hammer dropped into half cock or almost all the way down. RO stopped him and said the hammer has to be all the way down. Shooter was confused as he had never dropped the hammer any other way than by using the decocker. A couple of us in the squad who shoot non deccocker CZ's noted that we thought decocking into half cock was legal for decocker models, but that non decocker models were required to go all the way down manually. Although no one was 100% certain of the ruling. In any event, someone was going to check the ruling, but he continued to shoot the rest of the match by deccocking. At the end of the day, I think everyone forgot to check on the ruling. What is the ruling on decocker models for CO or Production?
  24. Had a first hand conversation with a shooter who uses an X5 Legion in competition. Like me, he's relatively new to competition. I asked him if he had added a Grayguns trigger and he said no. He made the decision not to upgrade the trigger based on a conversation he had with another competitor who also shoots the X5 Legion. However, this other guy competes at a higher level and had done just about every possible upgrade to his X5. This other competitor's opinion, who does run the Grayguns trigger, was that it doesn't make that much of a difference. He did not recommend that the guy I spoke with add the Grayguns. My impression is that the comment not to add the trigger is based on the skill level of the shooter. If you have a whole lot of room to improve, then customizing the pistol will bring limited gains. And that the benefit of the trigger will only pay dividends once the skill level of the shooter is vastly improved. Is that a fair assessment? Or is the Grayguns trigger really that much of an improvement over stock? I don't have the X5 Legion. Just wondering out loud.
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