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  1. So? I shouldn’t expect a fair answer even if it is a little gritty? I’m not slandering the company nor leveling accusations - I’m asking if what I’ve read around is true and if they meet the muster. This is what they were advertised to me as - Do they fit the bill? Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I anticipated flying down there, assembling my machines with them and learning how to use them. That being said, I'm still hearing there are issues, today. Now, I'm not slinging mud, I'm not here to start a pissing match, I'm here for information. I have 2 on order, that's $15,000.00 + training. That's A LOT OF MONEY. I could literally get 6 Dillon 1050's with Autos for the same price. So, I'm asking about reliability, service and precision. I thank you very much for the reply. Definitely something to think about.
  3. The Camdex's have 100hrs already, the Dillons have 50 on each - I anticipated having day 1 issues so, I've already been loading the ammunition. I got brass processors from day 1 because the 2200's aren't available yet. We have two military contracts and a couple contracts with other rifle manufacturers already so, day 1 production is a must; thus I anticipated headaches, so I was given permission to use my machines on a testing basis. The Revolutions were pitched to me as being commercially viable, precision machines that can handle production runs of 1200+pieces/hr. Now my issue is that, when you google the product and/or ask around, the Revolution is a disaster. When it runs right, it's awesome, but it rarely runs right. I'm processing 7.62 LC - I REQUIRE a high end press. I REQUIRE an autodrive to handle the pressure evenly from sizing the brass before loading. I REQUIRE a solid machine that's not going to break down constantly. The lawsuits - Again, google-able. The lack of reliability, google-able. The 3-4 month waits for parts, google-able. I'm not attacking the company or defaming them - I'm a very soon to be commercial manufacturer that REQUIRES a functional product. While I appreciate everyone attempting to give me business advice, I appreciate the concern, but my military contracts alone will keep me going 3-5 years. I'm simply asking about the Revolution. Is it a reliable product? Is it a quality product? What's the actual situation?
  4. I have 2 Camdex's - They're off by 0.4 on a good day. Dillon 1050's have a +/- tolerance of 0.1 on a good day. Where there's smoke there's fire. Nobody attempted to push anything on me, I was given information that, once I knew where to look was easily found. In fact, on calling my local Dillon suppliers and Camdex suppliers, I heard the same thing - I was met with a "We thought you knew". Now...Slamming other businesses, okay that's one thing. Pointing out that 20+ lawsuits exist over "libel" because of a product not performing as guaranteed is quite another. In fact their BBB ratings speak for themselves. So you can understand, why, as someone that's about to get into manufacturing and as someone that has over 100k components on hand, would want a product that performs as advertised, guaranteed. Right? Or am I crazy? I'd also like to note that Mark 7 is pushing this press for commercial use. I've been told the Revolution rivals my Camdex at 1/6th the cost. So...Again, are they reliable or prone to failure? Everything I've read thus far says they're boxes of parts waiting for Mark 7/Lyman to catch up...
  5. Hey folks - Long time lurker - Been lurking since Mr. Enos made these forums, actually. I'm about to start an ammunition manufacturing business in CT. I'm basically making a MK262/M118LR/Mk248 and 300blk with military powders due to a contract I have. At about 30% less per round than Prime, Hornady or Black Hills. Anywhoo. I'm an instructor and one of LEO students heard I was opening a manufacturing business and suggested I look into Mark 7. So, I googled, did my research and ended up with 2 on order for a grand total of 15k and change. I'm trying to get boxed ammo out day 1 so, I have several brass suppliers. On working with one for a rather large order (10k+), he asked what presses I would be using - When I told him, I practically gave the guy a coronary. They're being sued, currently still, 2+ years later by Mark 7. Well, as it normally goes, supplier 1 called supplier 2 who called supplier 3 who called my LOCAL guy. I had 4 phone calls about how literally everyone is getting sued, apparently one of the top brass resellers in the country had to get their lawyer involved and blanked 2 of these guys. It's a mess. Then I expanded my google search to these very forums - Which is honestly where I should've looked in the first place. Wow. Now, is the Mark 7 Revolution an incredible machine? Absolutely. Is the Mark 7 Revolutionary? Sure. Dan and Misty have talked it up to me for months. Is the Mark 7 going to be reliable? From what I'm reading, no. Now, the Dillon Super 1050 with the Ammobot can get me within my tolerances with a +0.1 powder deviation. I've already decided that I need to cancel my orders and direct my energy towards actually getting ammunition out week 1 with dependable, reliable systems. My question is about the long term. Now that Lyman owns the company, do you all foresee them becoming a reliable product down the line? Are they actually fixing it now? Everyone I've spoken to says no...But I'm on the fence. Would it be worth cancelling 1 of my orders, grabbing 2 dillons and 1 revolution? Thank you.
  6. Long time lurker. Starting my own ammunition manufacturing business here in CT. Master instructor, rifle/pistol/shotgun. LEO/Mil/Civilian. I generally don't have time to compete and with my about to manufacture firearms and ammunition, I don't think I'll have any on the horizon.
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