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  1. Thank you. I measured the gun. With tube it’s 55 inches
  2. I have a Breda shotgun with a briley “3-Gun” tube extension. I believe it now sits at 12 rds. Do you have any recommendations on a gun case to fit this silly long shotgun? I’m looking for a hard case to travel with but would take a soft shotgun case for now. Now I’m using a case that I used for a hunting shotgun ... can’t sip it completely. thank you g
  3. Thank you to all. Shot my first match over the weekend. I have never competed or done anything like this. Closest was biathlon and trap / skeet. What a frickin blast. Great group of people and I learned a metric TON. Halfway thru I figured out I was shooting the wrong choke (full). , popped in an IC and was much faster. By the 4 stage I was starting to settle in. The procedural stuff was most confusing. I finally just stopped took my time and simply followed the ROs directions. That helped a ton. I was just nervous and trying to anticipate his command at the end of my run. Learned my dawson magwell would not accept my Glock mags without their base pad. That was full. Also learned that when you pop a 556 mag in , you really need to solidify that it is really in. Had one fall out. Never took the time to sight in my shotgun for slugs. That hurt me... all in all awesome experience. Cant wait for the next one thank you to this forum. It’s a huge help. G
  4. Question (again ) i have the dawson ice magwell. My stick glock mags no longer fit. They sent a mag extension with it and that does fit. Have any of you guys used the mag well ? What other mag base pads or extensions fit?. I was looking at tarans mag extensions.
  5. You all know much more than I. I just shot my first 3 gun match. So fun. I ran maybe 50 rounds #8 birdshot and 15 slugs through the gun. I see wear on the tube extension. Hopefully the image uploaded. Is this an issue ?
  6. I’m twisting myself up prior to my first three gun match. I am using iron sights on my rifle. ( not fancy I know, just starting out). I am drilling my 55gr round at 50 Meters. I haven’t had time to work real close range stuff much. The range was jammed and work and kids have kept me busy If I’m essentially zeroed irons at 50. What should my sight picture look like at target under 15 yard. I’ve shot all my life and seriously confusing myself ... ridiculous I know.
  7. Thank you! I dont have a red dot sight for this yet. I’m 48 now .. so as my sight goes I may. In your opinion if I plan to get one in a year or so should I just get the co-witness ht? And shoot those without red dot .
  8. Good morning I am about to pull the trigger on Tarans ultimate sight. I just read the rear sight may hang off the back of the slide on the Gen 5 MOS ? Only read the one review .. curious if this is true. A second question. Do do you guys and gals like these sights? i just love this glock, really beginning to shoot it well. Very much because of the info from this forum. I’ve always been a terrible shot and now beginning to really improve. Thanks to all. Greg
  9. Standard glock spring is 17? I believe i read that.
  10. Excellent point! Will do.
  11. Looking to grab this. guide rod mentioned above. I have a gen 5 , 34. What spring wt is best. Been shooting 115 gr for practice.
  12. Perfect thank you to all. Just put together a caddie out of an old jogger stroller. Tried to upload a photo it was too large
  13. Agree with strange range requirements... makes little sense. During the competitions it’s fine to shoot lower targets ... but not for practice. Odd
  14. Curious if any of you have a favorite source for steel targets? My range requires the targets be at least eye level to avoid grounding and skipping rounds off ground.
  15. Thank you! That worked like a charm. Learning a lot messing around with this g34. Trigger is in and feels much improved. Thank you you for the response and help. Greg
  16. Hey all, i was adjusting Johnny glocks comp trigger and of course i was trying to adjust to perfection even though it was already there. Anyway, my self imposed problem now is that it will reset yet can not activate the trigger. I need to activate the trigger to break the bugger down to adjust the screw. I tried to to upload a video to show you. Too big a file. Question on is how the heck do i strip the slide off if the trigger will not deploy? Feeing quite embarrassed greg
  17. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
  18. I have ordered a Breda 12i, not here yet. I have been working on quad loading and feel more comfortable with a weak hand load (left). As I read about the Breda they state the loading port is opened up and tends to allow better loads with the strong hand. I was thinking I could make weak hand loading work. Very much a beginner here so excuse the rookie ball question. Thanks Greg
  19. Good morning, i am ramping up in 3 gun. Is there a good “go to” source for finding matches ? i live in NH. Again, great forum. Greg
  20. Hey all, I’ve been reading through many threads and learning a ton. My 16 yr old son and I are venturing into the 3 gun world. We are both avid outdoorsman and enjoy all shooting sports. 3 gun is just awesome. So much to learn. Thank you you all the great info in these threads. Im going to post a question and seek opinions over in the shotgun section. Thank you again. Greg
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