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  1. Correct, the hdf5 file is where the model weights are stored. Check out the images I posted and the results. In my opinion, the model is more accurate with low quality images than a person would be. For training, you certainly want a little more horsepower than an RPi, but for classification, it's plenty fast enough. The model is small, and the classification time is quicker than a brass feeder. You absolutely could separate based on crimped primer pockets. You can basically sort by any criteria that a person would be able to visually recognize, as
  2. I actually registered just to respond to this post. I'm a software engineer with experience in backend web development (mostly Python, including Django, Flask, etc.), embedded software, Linux, and more recently, machine vision. I wrote and trained an ML model last year to sort 5.56 brass by headstamp, and it does so with 100% accuracy based on my validation data. Here are some samples that were all correctly classified. https://imgur.com/a/90eSE The code is open source, and freely available here: https://github.com/jakogut/brass-sorter It was actually rather
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