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  1. I bought the light load kit (spring and carrier) from them and it solved my reliability problems. When I called there was a terse message along the lines that they were building guns not returning calls.
  2. Due to injuries and risk of re-injury I don't go more than 75%, but I try (and usually) lift 7 days a week. I intentionally skip on the days I shoot 3gun but not IDPA. Not recommending lifting every.day, just saying what works for me - to be in motion daily.
  3. I have been exercising consistently most of my life and lifting for the last 23 years. I am consistently lazy about cardio. Lifting helps me with Heavy Metal 3gun and for recoil control with heavier caliber handguns such as 45acp and 10mm. Not for speed apparently, I am slow as s...
  4. Ok so I googled amblyopia. It talks about eye patches as a treatment, not a cause. It defines the condition as dissimilar eye muscle strength. She wasn't cross-eyed and didn't have a lazy eye. She needed reading glasses for a few years and now grew out of them, and has 20/20 vision with annual eye exams. She wore an eye patch 1 hour a week during archery for a few years. Now she shuts one eye during shooting. I'm not getting your point. Please elaborate.
  5. I am not telling you what to do I am telling you what I did I caught this at 6 when my daughter started archery. Left eye, right hand. She wore an eye patch on her left eye for years. She now (12) shoots everything with her right eye, closing her left, and with a pistol uses almost exclusively an Isosceles position. ymmv
  6. Spoke to SLR and placed the order. Eyeballed it vs. a friend's Stealth/Geissele build. The SLR adjustable gas block is actually dimensionally SMALLER than the low profile gas block provided by Geissele. My adjustable SLR is the screw version. SLR has a model specific for the Larue Stealth barrel.
  7. I have a Vortex magnifier that flips to the left. It did service on a (7.62×51) G3 clone for a while and held up well. Can't get much more abuse than that.
  8. I have had success with SWFA mounts. They run maybe a little on the heavy side, but are durable
  9. Thank.you, great post Thank you to all of you that contributed In the long run I am looking at wanting/needing 2-3 scopes. I would like to put "hands on" a Triji 1-8. If a good enough sale comes up on this, I am thinking I will go for it. If not, I will probably get a Viper now, and the Triji 1-8 later. I am prioritizing 2 new uppers, with a mind toward 2020 being an election year, and all the possible legal and market ramifications that go with it. That will probably NOT affect optics purchases.
  10. In my experience from Least repeatable accuracy to Most repeatable accuracy: 1. FAL 2. G3 3. M14 4. quality AR10 I dont like the AR platform but I have to admit from an accuracy and competition standpoint the AR's are hard to beat. The problem comes down to hot barrel behavior. My FAL's (STG58 types) tend to get hot faster and string up and to the left or right. FAL accuracy can also be affected by which side of the magazine it is stripping the round off of. My 12" G3K clones typically perform with the same or better accuracy than my 18" FAL's out to 200 yards. They have a thicker and more rigid barrel profile. After 200 its a shotgun blast. The 18" G3's are more accurate and can hit well out to 300 but I prefer a M14 for distances over 200. If you can find a PTR with AW serial number under maybe 2500 it may have a Wilson barrel, which has closer to a medium profile, and in my experience has the best combination of accuracy and the ability to run surplus ammo. AW2500 to AW8000 were made with a tighter chamber and fewer, shallower flutes which was an attempt to improve accuracy, but also required the use of Tula or American Eagle, and no surplus. I can typically shoot the M14's out 400 yds with consistent effect. I used a standard weight Criterion 22" barrel or a medium profile 19" Bula barrel. 168 gr FGMM, an adjustible Schuster gas plug and Sadlak tin coated piston are all inexpensive upgrades that can help your accuracy. Nothing can come close to keeping up with my shooting buddy's LaRue OBR Sadly Heavy Metal matches are going away in my region so its become irrelevant for me.
  11. I shoot a G29 in IDPA and at times have shot a G20 in 3gun. I have a significant amount of factory and reloaded rounds through two G29's. I shoot a G30 in GSSF and (now) only occasionally in IDPA. I previously shot a G30 almost exclusively, in IDPA. I shoot a G41 in 3gun. I have a significant amount of factory and reloaded rounds through two G30's. All my 10mm and 45acp Glocks are Gen 4 guns. My daughter shoots a Gen5 G17 in IDPA, 3gun and GSSF. I have several Glocks and bought KKM barrels for some of my 10mm and 45acp Glocks. I have experienced problems with factory loaded, plated bullets tumbling and keyholing out of my 10mm Glocks. I have not experienced these problems in any caliber other than 10mm, or using KKM barrels, or using jacketed bullets. I also experienced problems with factory 10mm brass splitting, with a much higher frequency using OEM barrels but on a limited basis with the KKM barrels. I believe this was a brass problem. I use only KKM barrels with factory or reloaded jacketed bullets in my 10mm Glocks. In my other Glocks I use OEM barrels and jacketed or plated ammunition, with no problems. This is relevant especially because the OP is asking about 40S&W in a G35. 40 and 10 use the same bullets and probably the same barrel ID. YMMV
  12. If training for USPSA at an IDPA match is your goal: 1. As much as your local IDPA club will tolerate, shoot the IDPA match like you would USPSA 2. take the PE's
  13. Bought a LaRue Stealth barrel and a SLR adjustable gas block. Will a Geissele MK4 or MK8 rail fit over the gas block with enough clearance to reliably avoid contact?
  14. I play the IDPA game because it is better training and practice than Not playing the IDPA game
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