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  1. I want to use the Glock style mags. Looked at an American Tactical chambered in 9mm today. There is also a Diamondback in town for a decent price. Do not know much on these brands. I also looked at some .223/.556 guns today. Saw an Anderson Manufacturing AR with some extras for a great deal, but want to stay in 9mm if possible. Just need to see whats out there. Unless there is a sure way to build out this Anderson Manufacturing stripped lower I have in 9mm. I have just heard it can be not as smooth or successful as just using a 9mm lower. Thanks for any help!
  2. I recently went shooting on July 4th with my Uncle. I was instantly hooked into serious shooting, timing steel target shots, shooting drills etc. He has a fully kitted 9mm AR that is absolutely perfect in every way. I picked it up and went 4.20 with 6 targets down, no pick ups. Was ready to get my own. I have been researching a lot, and my buddy had two AR lowers so I bought them because he gave me a good deal. So I am now stuck on what to do next. My uncle has some spare parts, extra triggers, and stuff but nothing for the upper. I currently own a beautiful Beretta .380 Cheetah that I would part ways with, I don't like how it fits in my hand, towards parts to finished this stripped Anderson lower. I have done some research on making those work in 9mm, and most were not happy with the results. I Want to stay in 9mm just for reloading purposed and ammo cost. Are there any 9mm Ar lowers that are out there recommended or up for trade? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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