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  1. This hasn’t become a thing near me yet. Sounds dumb
  2. If you’re currently doing nothing, just do something. Walking with a weighted vest is excellent conditioning, requires no gym, and is simple.
  3. Whatever you want. Most folks will be glad to help
  4. Glock 34 or CZ SP01 would be my choice.
  5. I only live fire as often as I need to to confirm that my dryfire is working. If I’m trying to master new techniques in dryfire then I am live firing a lot.
  6. As long as you can safely handle the gun, just get out there. Nobody cares how good/bad you are but you! Have fun and start learning.
  7. Proctor Y Notch is my favorite standard height sites by far.
  8. Has anyone here tried the Holosun 507 on a Glock for CO? I really like my 510s in carbines, so I was planning on sticking with the circle dot reticle.
  9. I guess I thought the MD upheld the RO decision. If yes, then I would absolutely not go back. There’s not an infinite number of clubs near me, but there’s enough that I can pick and choose what matches to go to. If not the MD was not notified, then I agree with you.
  10. If that happened to me, I would not return to that club.
  11. Making the jump soon. Tried production, low cap mags are for the birds.
  12. I have two Coda Fury comps on my AR9s, you’ll be happy with that one.
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