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  1. I had been wanting to try pcc for a while but watching others struggle with their guns turned me off. First of the year I started researching building one because I didn’t want to spend $1500 to test the waters of pcc. Everytime Foxtrot Mike came up I noticed it was always positive. I bought a complete lower and 16” upper and snapped them together about a month ago. So far it’s been flawless. Trying to develop a load for it, it cycled everything from 130-148pf without an issue. I settled on a loaf of about 134pf. So far I have a little over 500 rounds through it that includes 3 matches. Still running it stock besides a polished mil spec trigger. I plan on trying a different buffer system down the road but for now I’m happy. I was a little worried about the polymer side charging handle but it’s robust and I don’t foresee it being an issue. The only thing I don’t really care for is how close the charging handle puts your finger to the top rail. When I unload to show clear for some reason I grab the charging handle from underneath and my finger drags along the rail and gets cut. No big deal and I should probably find a different way but I don’t think about it until I see the nick on my finger.
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