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  1. I love these new Tanfos but those slide cuts are butt-ugly in comparison to the classic cuts. I'm sure these are a dream to shoot though, especially with someone who is used to the beef of a stock 3 and would like the advatanges of the cone barrel vs polygonal barrel
  2. I compete with a Stock III and carry either a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 or 642 38 special
  3. That didn't last too long since your last post LOL How many rounds do you think your Dawson sight lasted with that loctite 620, that's heat resistant so i think it's just a matter of retention
  4. Man am I glad I picked up my Stock 3 for 850 when I did, those prices are basically just begging to pick a shadow 2 over a Tanfo
  5. I've just bitten the bullet and went with an Xtreme front sight over my Dawson sight that i've launched. I've heard the Dawson is a bit nicer than the Xtreme but the Xtreme has that fat set screw that along with loctite will give much less of a headache.
  6. I ended up purchasing a stock 3 in 9mm. What should I do to get it production ready as cheaply as possible?
  7. Anyway you can try trouble shooting this by shooting one-handed? Or more conscious of support hand?
  8. Thank you Memphis and blum540 for the quick replies. Have a great weekend!
  9. Hello! I'm looking at getting a stock 3 in 9mm, I was wondering what different competitions it is legal for like USPSA, IDPA, IPSC and 3-gun. I'm just getting into shooting sports and want a nice super heavy gun in the stock 3 Thanks for the help everyone!
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