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  1. I think you lost most of the younger audience at “JC Whitney”..... LOL
  2. I have watched quite a few youtube videos where guys in the background seemed to be talking as much, and as loudly, as possible while the person making the video was filming and/or shooting. Seems odd to me that anyone would choose to be a richard cranium to someone when everyone is ARMED.
  3. We call it “too much throttle”. You get a shot of adrenaline and push farther than you can reach. It becomes clear when you miss a target and are already sighting on the next when you realize the miss, then have to go back, and spend time transitioning, and just ........ too much throttle.
  4. Nothing wrong with a “press check”. If you don’t like doing one, don’t do it. But for those of us who have had failures to feed and wound up with an empty pipe, we generally check from then on.
  5. I would have to go with it being a safety liability. Too easy to miss the already hard to hear commands on the line. Last thing we need is an emergency call for cease fire and not hear it due to added unnecessary background noise.
  6. I bought a blue label Glock 17. As accurate as I am. Came with 3 17rnd mags. Bought 2 more 17 rounders. Inexpensive but serviceable belt, mag pouches, holster, and ear protection. Safety glasses from Lowe’s. $500 New G.I. 30rnd AR mags. Built my AR myself. Using Lower cost parts. Under $300 Mossberg 930JW Pro 9+1 for $650 I am set up to begin 3gun for under $1500 I reload my own 9mm, 5.56, and 12 ga. Use the KIA instead of my 3500 to travel. Practice on my own property so range fees and club dues are avoided.
  7. I tend to shoot better with better shooters. I get all guilty feeling if I an showing up lesser shooters and throttle back to not seem like a showoff. No idea why, it just happens.
  8. Walk throughs help. Some guys think it is weird to pantomime the stage, but I have found walking the stage and shooting it with my “air guns” (like air guitar) helps make up for not watching the other guys shoot it first.
  9. Agreed. Sorta. All this new age “Self Image” baloney is just narcissism with a suppressor screwed onto the end of it. A product of the “everyone’ A winner and gets a trophy” school of competition. When I win, I am a winner and feel good about it. When I do not win, I feel bad about it. I lost because I was tested and did not measure up to the task. Therefore I failed due to my own shortcomings and need to work harder. Self Esteem comes from accomplishment, and accomplishments are ALWAYS judged by a fixed set of parameters or benchmarks we must meet or exceed. Those benchmarks are NEVER based on our personal feelings or an emotional grading curve. The power of positive thinking will get you nowhere without building skills and knowledge to succeed in life. Second sucks ... because it is just the “top loser”.
  10. When he comments, make a point to look directly at him and step out of the box. Take 30 - 60 to clear your head and breathe, then step back in. Make sure everyone knows he is causing the delay. Other shooters will start to “suggest” to him to pipe down.
  11. Go shoot. Nobody “SHOULD” care how you look, as long as you look SAFE and look like you are having fun. If you have to worry about disdain or disparaging comments from others, you are shooting with the wrong group of people. I have almost always found the other shooters to be the best type of folks you could ask to meet. Always helpful and encouraging. So if anyone is worried about “looking silly”, just toss those worries and get out there anyway.
  12. I am using a Glock 17 gen4. Not very “sexy”, but it does the job quite well. I have about $500 in the pistol and mags.
  13. You are too old when you cannot manage to physically do it any more at all..... or when they close the lid of your box.
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