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  1. Hi to all the members of the forum. I am a new to reloading and want to get some input on some major load data that you may know about: 124gr RN (Bayou)CFE & 3N38 125gr RN (Blue)CFE & 3N38 From research, I have seen to start 124gr/125gr on 6.4gr CFE pistol and 7.2gr 3N38. Is this a good starting point? I’ll be shooting it on a czechmate and sti open gun and I’ll adjust accordingly. Thank you.
  2. Lol. I know. Thanks. I’ll just use the chamber as a guide but not a a final decision maker if I’ll use the ammo or not. Will measure and plunk test each one also.
  3. Good Day. I’m a new reloader using a Dillon SDB. What I notice is some of my rounds fits the case gauge flushed and some are not. AOL is within specs when I used my digital caliper, even the diameter. I did some research and said to do the plunk test on a barrel. I did and all the rounds drops freely in and out. I also rotated the rounds inside and it don’t stick. Any input? Thanks.
  4. Please PM me. Like to order. Thanks.
  5. Ok. My CM came with 13 lbs recoil spring. Installed Wolff 12 then 11 then 10 then 9 lbs recoil spring. End up shooting 9 lbs for most of the day. Used all factory 115gr and 124gr Winchester, Remington, CCI. No issue on feeding and extracting ammo. In terms of which gr is better, 115gr shoots flatter than 124gr in my opinion on how I felt the gun. Now the CCI felt like the use better between Winchester or Remington. Hope this help anyone.
  6. No extra springs came with my CM. With stock recoil spring. It chewed all minor and major loads I put on it. No FTF/FTE, Nose diving, magazine issue on the big stock, which was great out of the box. I will be using Wolff spring, I got it already but have not gone to the ramble to try it. I’ll let you know.
  7. So brought my CM to the range. Run factory Remington 115gr, Everglades 147gr minor. Also tried Everglades 124gr and 147gr major. In stock springs, all run fine. No FTF or FTE, no issue whatsoever. 124/147 minor Is almost the same to my opinion. Got my Wolff springs 8,9, 10, 11, 12 lb springs. I’m gonna start at 8 lbs and work my way up.
  8. What’s the difference between the black and silver barrel. The black barrel was installed with the limited and the silver was paired with the compensator. Length are the same side by side. Thanks.
  9. I put it in a vise but did not budge. I did not use a wrench thou. It I’m afraid that it would bend the barrel or slide. Lol. Just being careful. Thanks for the recommendations. I will bring it to a gunsmith later. CZ USA wants me to send the whole gun to them. I have not even shot it yet.
  10. Thanks George1!! I will do your recommendations later.
  11. The limited barrel is currently installed on the CM. I’m trying to remove the barrel but the front sight wont turn to loosen it. I need to take out the front sight from the barrel so I can replace it with the other barrel and install the compensator. Thanks.
  12. So, I just picked up my CM today. Got home and installed the slide racker, Cmore mount, Cmore, and thumbrest with ease. Now the problem, it came on limited configuration, the front sight won’t seem to budge/turn from the limited barrel so I can replace it with the open barrel and compensator configuration. I was thinking to shoot 100 rounds, maybe it will help loosen it up. Any recommendations is welcome. Thanks.
  13. That is so true! Every CM is different. This is like my Blood pressure pill.... trial and error which works for me! Lol... Thanks.
  14. Thanks guys for an interesting topic. I currently waiting for my CM and been doing a lot of research regarding the recoil spring. I called Wolff spring and told me that part number 13124 calibration pak works with CM. They told me since CM is long the Recoil spring is a tad short. In that sense the 9lb spring is actually acting like an 8lb and so forth. I will be running minor on USPSA 124gr. Bought some from Atlanta arms and Everglades ammunition and will be trying it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks. Any good and bad criticism is welcome!!!
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