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  1. The CZ safeties definitely are further forward than 1911s. Maybe it is where you place the gun in the web between thumb and forefinger? Or maybe you do not take a high grip?
  2. Don't know about the Shadow 2 because I do not have one, but I have installed the extra power safety detent springs identified by Tok36 in two SP-01s, which seem to generally have the wimpy safety tension. In my view they were not safe to carry cocked and locked before, but after I installed the new springs they were good.
  3. I had one. Very high quality, very reliable, and I admired the concept. I thought it was very accurate mechanically but somewhat hard to shoot accurately. Some have said accuracy comes with lots of rounds. I did not fire it much so I did not get there. I did not like the grip. Tried both the regular (medium?) grip and the larger grip and neither did it for me. Also, the Wilson "X" grip pattern, which is your only choice because to my knowledge there are no after market grips, does not appeal to me. I traded it for a Staccato-P. Either the P or my Omni are my usual carry guns.
  4. I suggest the full checkered. They are very grippy but not uncomfortable.
  5. Agreed. When folks mix carrying/using the 1911/2011 operating system with Glocks, etc, they are asking for trouble because muscle memory may think it is drawing and firing a Glock when in fact the weapon is a 1911. My advice is that if you are going to carry a 2011/1911 on duty, don't even pick up a weapon with a different system.
  6. All officers may not be gun guys, but you can be sure the LAPD SWAT guys are. LAPD has gone from a very restrictive authorized gun policy to what appears to be a pretty open one. Back in the day on LAPD and probably to present day one of the big emphases was defending against gun snatches and gun retention. I can see how carrying a 1911 or 2011 works in that respect because the average knuckle head is not going to have the presence of mind to swipe off the safety. If I was still a cop, I would be carrying a 1911 or 2011 if I they were authorized.
  7. Davenport area. Home (sort of) of Rock River Arms, Les Baer, Springfield Armory, Lewis Machine & Tool.
  8. Hello from E Iowa. Lived here 22 years now, not counting overseas stints, but have lived in CA for 10 years, FL, OH, IN.
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