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  1. Dan4147, thank you so much for your opinion. It was very helpful!
  2. Need advice and opinions please. Is a Tangfolio/EAA Standard model in a full size frame in either 45 acp or 10mm a reliable and durable weapon for ccw. Would you trust your life with it. Glocks and Sigs are known to be trusted in self defense, but I could not find much information regarding a Witness as a combat/defensive handgun. Any thoughts, please, will be very appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Does any know where I could purchase an old style set of grips for my EAA Witness Full/standard large frame 45? I am looking for the old ones that came with witnesses which did not have the thumb test on it. But they did say Tanfoglio on them. I think they were rubber or hard plastic. The versions without the rail had them. Thanks.
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