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  1. So I just shot Utah state. Had a bunch of issues. Maybe mag related. Maybe Ammo. Assuming Ammo because I switched from the major hot s#!t with 3n38 and aa7 and used cfe ( way more violent) but it ran. Needless to say, i hate 9major and can’t wait for my 38 sc back. 

  2. I have not used either you asked about

      I do have a razor hd ii 1-6 (not e) and a trijicon 1-8 accupower. I am still torn between em.

    While i love the 1-8 on the accupower. It’s just not the same as the vortex. When you pull that up to your eye. You see everything. So clear and open. The bezel disappears. I don’t have the JM reticle, and I don’t regret not getting it. 

    The accupower is great too. The 1-8 can come in handy over the 1-6. The reticle is a lil busier. 


    They both weigh the same pretty much. Which i don’t have an issue with. Because I can carry my rifle for the >1 min of a 3 gun stage 😂😂


    but I have heard great things about the 2 you asked about. I had the Khales 4-16 and it was f*#kinfantassstic. If that helps haha


  3. 3 minutes ago, 36873687 said:

    Aa7 is the bomb in 9 major. An makes major with 115 easy with full size open gun. 

    nice i am gonna load up 10 of eiach weight starting at 8gn of 3n38-8.7 


    out of a 4.15" bareel with T1 comp, no popples, where should i start with AA7 would you think, i am on 124 JHP also, no 115 right now

  4. whats up people. Just wanted to post my findings with my sti steelmaster loaded to 9 mm major using CFE Pistol


    i switched the factory spring to a 9LB, no other changes were made. the gun has a PT older grip and SVi trigger bow. I tried a 10 and liked the 9 a lil better, not that noticeable


    124GN RMR JHP      WSRP      1.150OAL      CFE Pistol


    6.7GN-  163PF

    6.9GN-  169PF

    7.1GN-  171PF

    7.3GN-  172PF


    also tried a buddies ammo that loaded hs6 on a 124 gn berrys rn bullet. made 171 and didnt feel too different than CFE


    7.1 was pretty nice feeling and i think it gives me a decent cushion for majors.  I am not quite convinced that i like it more than minor tho haha. i want to try some 115 GN bullets but dont have time to get em and make a load and test since i am leaving for Utah tomorrow.


    I have AA7 and 3N38 but i am skeptical about loading them, especially 3n38, because it fills the case so much, and this gun is made for Minor loads. 


    I am gonna load up 500 or so of the 7.1 CFE and shoot a local match just to see how i do under the clock and what not. if i shoot like ass then i am gonna just shoot utah state in minor and hope my hits arent as s#!tty as they normally are. If anyone has any feedback on the 3n38 or aa7 for this gun in major let me know cuz i would be down to try it if someone else has already haha. thanks and hope this helps someone in the same boat 

  5. So 9.6 of 3n38 made 174 and was pleasant. 


    Aa7 @ 10.0 made 165. 


    Unfortunately I had feeding issues due to the barrel being to tight up by the comp. sent it back to get worked on. 

    Excited to develop this more. Thank you everyone for the advice. I normally find a load that makes pf and go with it. Finding the money spot is more fun and I’m sure will pay off in long run. Unless I use vv haha. 💴💴


  6. 6 hours ago, GrumpyOne said:

    It might have served you better to do a smaller ladder with your loads. Say, start at 8.6 with the AA7, then to 8.8, 9.0, 9.2, 9.4, etc. Check for overpressure on those higher charged rounds.

    I was trying to but it was so finnicky on the powder that I just did what came out. This is more to find what even makes pf. I will test come home load more lil ladder from pf and up and see what I get. Thanks grumpy

  7. OK, so i loaded up a bunch of test samples. ill chrono thr first 5. see which gets me PF. then see how they feel each as far as dot movement and feel. etc. i will aslso try and get video loads i worked


    124 gn RMR JHP  /  WIN SRP   /    OAL 1.225   /   AA7 Powder- 8.7, 9.0, 9.4, 9.7, 10GN


    124 gn RMR JHP   /  WIN SRP   /   OAL 1.235  /  VV 3n38  - 9.6, 9.8, 10, 10.2

                                                                     1.243-48    /  VV3n38- 10.2


    I am probably going to go early to test, and am definitly gonna also roll a 9.3 gn of the VV 3n38 at 1.235


    thanks again for everyones support. i will keep you all updated

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