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  1. Check with your local electricians and ask about any new housing going up. Check and see if they're putting in ceiling fans. New ceiling fans come with a small bag of counter balance weights. They're really small, 2 or 3 to a package. Hope that helps.
  2. Haven't done any shooting or reloading for 10 years. Brother in law keeps inviting me out to shoot. Work and illness have kept me away. Been here in KY nearly 40 years. I'm a fugitive from California. Santa Rosa where I grew up and Sonoma and Napa and Sebastopol and Marshall. Watched vids on making my own bullet lube and it's drawing me back in. Got a 45 C I've not shot along with a NEF 243 and a 22 Hornet. My boss has given me permission to go out to his farm and plink away. I guess it's time I take him up on it. I started reloading back in the mid 80's and I wanted to be able to
  3. Someone mentioned using a magnet. Stainless steel is nonmagnetic. You may have to fish out the pins with a pair of hemostats
  4. Pulling stuff together to make my own bullet lube. Got most of my ingredients from Wally World except the beeswax which I got from Hobby Lobby. Gotta go find a pot that I saw at a consignment store. I could do tubes, but I like the idea of the "cookie cutter" process better. I would like to do 2 formulas even 3, but the last seems to me to need more than 1 ingredient. Toilet wax rings are really sticky and it seems to me that they need something else to go with them. I just don't know what.
  5. I store mine in ammo cans and have done so since the early 80's. They always smell good when I open the can.
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