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  1. Fantastic fellas, this is just the kind of feedback I was looking for. C-38, pics would be a great help, thanks. I'm gonna try to re-work something to get a suitable prototype. If at first things fail, shoot it and try again.
  2. Does anyone have any plans or schematics for a home-made plate rack? Portable is better, I don't mind walking down to re-set. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I just saw in American Handgunner that the MK IV comes with a "Free Chronograph". I checked around on the PACT website, and I can't find the promotion. Anyone know where I can find this promotion?
  4. Thanks for the help fellas, I was leaning toward the 75, but saw this one, and started dwelling on which one.
  5. I am looking for a CZ75, and I ran across a CZ 40p for $350. What is the difference between the 2? Which one would be the better production gun?
  6. I'm up for the challenge, I haven't failed yet.
  7. I bet Travis had to practice that more than a couple times, eh' Chuck? I saw that vid before and started clowning around with the XD. I don't mind telling you that I am better at it than I was before, even after an hour. Run through the motions, even if your not faster in the end, at least your more familiar.
  8. Also, how much can be changed on a "stock" pistol before it is not considered production anymore. I am guessing sights and triggers are legal since a few have suggested altercations. Where do we run into a problem though? Barrels? Grips? I wouldn't mind modifications at all, but where do I stop?
  9. Thanks, I'll look into it. Also I had another question about a "back-up gun" Does it have to be the same make/model/caliber? I was thinking of getting a CZ75 in .40S&W anyway, could I use that as a backup, or since I start the match with 9mm, would I have to finish the match with 9mm? Thanks for the welcome Glock24
  10. Great. Thanks for the advise and tips. I have to get busy rounding up all my new gear so when the snow melts, I'm off to the range. I found some mags at 44mag.com for $17.99 apiece, a holster for about $52, and I am contacting welders to see about getting a few steel plates for a plate rack. Also, I am looking for bulk ammo, but this seems to be a never-ending search. I find one, then find another, but it's only 115grain instead of 124, then this guy says his is much better quality, and that guy only has HP. Anyone have a good source for reasonable ammo at a decent price? Say 1000rnds of 9mm. Sam thanks for the invite, I forsee a lot of roadtrips this summer so I will definatley have to make it out your way.
  11. Absolutely it'll help. What exactly is that class, and will I be competing with people in my range? Or will I fail semi-misserably? I have the gun, XD9, now I need some tried and proven holsters and mag holders. BTW, anyone else planning on attending the San Juan shoot-off?
  12. Hey the website is up, I checked a while back and kept getting an error message. Great, now I have a place to start. Thanks.
  13. So the only reason for shooting the first shot DA is so it's cocked and locked like the internal hammer pistols?
  14. Eastern South Dakota, I did find a shooting club, but their website isn't available anymore so I am not sure who to contact.
  15. Well thats only partly true, I have a gun, but I need another one. Thats where you guys come in. I have never shot a match before, that's because I can't find one around my area. However, I am planning on attending: http://sanjuanrange.com/ahwsc.htm I need some direction in what caliber and pistol works well. Also, what class do most beginners, uhh, begin in?
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