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  1. one more question I shoot 9X19 only does a gen 1 work better then a gen 2 ( 9mm / 38sc ) for 9mm only I'm just new to the 2011 and looking for some heads up info. as I get started

    Thanks Ron 

  2. On 7/30/2016 at 4:14 PM, jcc7x7 said:

    STI told me about a year and half ago to "go ahead the gun can handle it, with a 9 or 10 lbs recoil spring it"

    I ran mine at major all last year with a 9lbs spring, which kept the dot flat with my load.

    I was just told the same thing by STI change springs to a 9 or 10 pound you can tell witch spring to use by the one that lays the empty brass 6 to 8 feet from you 

  3. got her all cleaned up bead blasted it looks brand new it was over an 1/8" thick in bottom Thanks for all the help and tips this is my first 2011 I haven't even got to shoot it yet 


  4. 1 hour ago, N3WWN said:

    You didn't mention what you soaked it in...


    I soak mine in Kroil and it really helps.  After an overnight soak, I use a brass punch to remove the bulk of the build up and it breaks away from the metal.  I then use a needle file to gently clean the rest out.

    Wipe out bore cleaner not the foam 

  5. trying to clean the carbon build up out of my comp. any slick way to do it the carbon is hard as a rock ! tried soaking it over night no luck any info. would be great 


  6. just started shooting handguns again picked up a CZ Shadow 2 shot my first IDPA match then my first USPSA match great bunch of people had lots of fun I wasn't last but close 


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