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  1. make sure your measure doesn't have static in it that can sometimes make the powder bridge up wipe it with a bounce sheet to help get rid of it and check your powder make sure its not collecting moisture that to will cause powder to bridge up 

  2. when I ordered my North Mountain I got the wrong size rods 1/2" so I made some new ones out of some 5/8" al. round stock  I'm not much of a lathe operator but I did ok my brother has a metal shop so its nice to have a mill and lathe and all the cool toys that I can use  

    green mountan.jpg

  3. Great news Zac you going to try and make one of the indoor matches Skip is shooting his Revolver good way to get some shooting in with out freezing 


  4. I do the best I can two years ago I spent my 60th birthday in the ER had 4 blockages two 90% two 75% next day I had two stints put in. I now have diabetes and diabetic neuropathy it sucks cuz my feet are on fire all the time and don't have hardly any feeling in them hard for me to run at all but I don't try to let it stop me I really enjoy shooting USPSA even if I don't have very fast times I have fun life is to short I am going to enjoy my self as much as I can before the worms bring my mail I hope to meet you some time at one of the shoots


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