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  1. I was just told the same thing by STI change springs to a 9 or 10 pound you can tell witch spring to use by the one that lays the empty brass 6 to 8 feet from you
  2. got her all cleaned up bead blasted it looks brand new it was over an 1/8" thick in bottom Thanks for all the help and tips this is my first 2011 I haven't even got to shoot it yet Ron
  3. I'm getting it slow but sure man its thick Thanks for all the help Ron
  4. Wipe out bore cleaner not the foam
  5. I take it you plug the bore before blasting to keep it out do you tape off the outside so you don't mess up the finish Thanks in advance Ron
  6. trying to clean the carbon build up out of my comp. any slick way to do it the carbon is hard as a rock ! tried soaking it over night no luck any info. would be great Ron
  7. just started shooting handguns again picked up a CZ Shadow 2 shot my first IDPA match then my first USPSA match great bunch of people had lots of fun I wasn't last but close Ronnie
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