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  1. just ordered a Speed Beez for my 627 PC $73 to the door
  2. I just ordered a Speedbees holster for my 627 5" think it was around $84 shipped to the door it was recommended by several shooter's
  3. When you guys talk about the Apex hammer are you referring to the evolution and what do you thing about the TK skeletonized hammer this will be for my 627 pc Ron
  4. I think I saw that most are using a lee crimp die along with a good set of 9mm dies you going to have that going for the next indoor match ? Ron
  5. here's a few more pictures  





  6. MRBerg

    TK custom

    Great news Zac you going to try and make one of the indoor matches Skip is shooting his Revolver good way to get some shooting in with out freezing Ron
  7. I see he is signed up all ready I looked up the range not to bad of a trip mite see if Mike wants to pal up with me or anyone else from around here Ron
  8. I may try it that's a ways off but sounds fun I need to see if any of the guys up here are going hope you can make it to the Big Dawg Ron
  9. I do the best I can two years ago I spent my 60th birthday in the ER had 4 blockages two 90% two 75% next day I had two stints put in. I now have diabetes and diabetic neuropathy it sucks cuz my feet are on fire all the time and don't have hardly any feeling in them hard for me to run at all but I don't try to let it stop me I really enjoy shooting USPSA even if I don't have very fast times I have fun life is to short I am going to enjoy my self as much as I can before the worms bring my mail I hope to meet you some time at one of the shoots Ron
  10. I here you I just turned 62 and I may get the SDM on top of the Dawson getting old isn't for the weak Ron
  11. I took everyone's advice and got a BMT mooner and have no regrets its built very well and works like a champ Ron
  12. looks to be the DX I removed it after adding a drop of oil now I need to get a new front sight the Dawson looks great to me
  13. Thanks that is good to know I will see witch one I have Ron
  14. I have a silly question where do you find a pin punch that small and witch direction do you push it out I want to replace my FS on my 627 Ron
  15. Looks great love the 19's glad to see you hung on to it I regret selling the one I had just fell on very hard times Ron
  16. I hate that little spot it should be called the " taint " cuz it taint barrel and taint frame Ron
  17. I will pm you my email and cell number Mike Thanks for the help in advance
  18. I just picked up the same gun your asking about and yes you will need to do plenty of work to it to make it match ready all the info. the guys here tell you to do is what needs to be done not sure how handy you are with working on your guns there are some great videos on you tube that can help you do some of the work your self if your not into that find a good gunsmith that works on revolvers or send it into a pro shop like TK Ron
  19. Thanks Mike, Skip and some of the others have been pointing me down the right path I may pick on you from time to time for some advice Ron
  20. all guns are different I run a 13# rebound spring and a reduced power rib spring in my 686 with no problems but a extended firing pin or longer screw should fix your light strikes
  21. sounds like the Bayou 160's win the poll and I have TG powder need to get Starline brass ordered I picked up a 1000 Federal primers today at the gun show to start out going to try some with Winchester primers see if they work ok ( have a pile of them ) Thanks for all the input on loads for this case Ron
  22. mine shoots great I use a 125 rn full plated bullet with 3.8 gr. of red dot powder kind of a light load buy runs great Ron
  23. MRBerg

    TK custom

    with any luck I may have mine all up and running in a few weeks maybe you can show up at crossroads next month and show that baby off I still may pick up a 929 but not this year lol Ron
  24. looks like most are the using the 160 gr. Bayou bullets any reason ? more knock down power on steel or just more of a forgiving bullet for the twist rate understanding your gun makes you a better shooter. and at 62 and a new shooter I need all the help I can get Ron
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