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  1. Austin is like the mecca of action shooting. You can catch an USPSA, IDPA, or some type of steel match seemingly every Saturday and Sunday. The third Saturday run is kind of new. The first Saturday match registration usually is full by early in the week. If you show up they usually can fit a person though. The third Saturday one may be less crowded. They also do an end of month Steel Challenge that is fun, and lets out about 12.30. The same range runs steel challenge matches on Tuesday nights during the summer, for those who like to experience the joys of heat exhaustion... Look up APSC on practiscore. If this isn't enough for you Alpha Mike runs USPSA matches. They are between San Antonio and Austin. Also noted were Copperas Cove Matches (which are well liked fyi), Temple and a metric buttload of IDPA matches (CAPS and Texas Tactical). As an aside plan out to routes from Volente. When it floods in Austin it seriously floods and Travis is a flood control lake. Ranges: Eagle Peak, Shady Oaks, Austin Rifle Rifle club, Reds (meh). Best of the West is rumored to be by by.
  2. Additionally, getting into an argument on a minor point before the match will throw many shooters out of a proper mindset, even if right. Plus many of us are hacks just to have a good time, and this might immediately ruin that, at least for a portion of the day.
  3. AS part of out training on putting on tourniquets, we put them on each other-full strength. Other than some mild bruising, it was not an issue (other than it hurt like hell).
  4. I wish I'd get advice. I'm such a hack I don't even know enough what to ask.
  5. My Burke trigger is almost exactly 3 lbs. The trigger travel actually breaks before it hits vertical. It really is the proverbial breaking glass trigger.
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