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  1. 12 competitors per squad? Is that permitted under governor guidelines?
  2. I have to second, its quite excellent. The turn around time and service were excellent. I highly recommend.
  3. Sig Armorer trigger job. I put Talon grip tape on it, but find I like it better without it.
  4. Tell them to slow down. I will tell me guys to tell me to slow down if I am going too fast.
  5. So...was everyone but the one guy helping? I am an old geezer and can't RO a USPSA match because I can't keep up with the young guys (IDPA and steel I do).
  6. We shoot a two gun locally and combined with a local metal match I'd suggest: KISS: Pistol: Practical, CO, Open. Load to capacity/desire unless COF requires a download. Rifle: PCC, carbine, battle rifle (yes some shoot FNs, M1s...). Its assumed the PCC and Carbine have opticals. Starts are holstered, or low ready (loaded with safety on) unless specified in COF. Just my uneducated $.02
  7. It also goes to a philosophy difference. It is an action shooting sport. Where you put the emphasis between action and shooting means a lot.
  8. I have almost done this. You learn quickly. No one was hurt and you still got to shoot so all good.
  9. As a self avowed hack shooter, I only care if you are too "busy" to help reset the stage. I do seem to see more of that in USPSA vs. other shooting sports I attend in the region. Your mileage may vary.
  10. APSC in Austin cancelled all USPSA/Steel Challenge for the time being. Travis County (Austin) has a ten person ban so that figures.
  11. 1. Mine is similar. However after several thousand rounds its a fair bit easier. I find it easiest to push with my grip hand more than pulling the slide. 2. Try not using the slide lock. Its very easy when its locked back. Additional notes: *Watch the safety. I invariably engage it quickly when shooting left handed and don't notice its engaged. This led to some embarrassment as I had never used safeties on pistols at first thought the firearm was broken...:-) *Fiber optic can get dirty, especially with dirty .22 rimfire ammo. Just be aware.
  12. Well I would take that as a given. Taking into account my (low) level of skills and abilities, you're all gamers to me.
  13. If it weighs more then that knocks it out of Production/SSP class. IIRC but the Legion is right on the edge of the weight if you take the magwell off. I would also not be a fan of the the manual safety, because then I would have to use it in competition. HOPEFULLY, that doesn't mean they quit selling the other ones. I like the SIg X 5s but man they run through pistol models pretty fast.
  14. Slightly OT, but what is a good cheap scale for that?
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