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  1. If not one pops up with one, give me specific details and I could probably work up a quick one.
  2. Thats brilliant! You're already steps ahead of me. I may try that in the future. I have heard very good things about Hunter's Gold.
  3. Remember the issue is really the prescription. You can get many types of sunglasses and safety glasses with prescription. But the prescription itself has to be tailored to shooting. In your area ask around for a good doc who works with shooters on their prescriptions. It really helps. ...then later get a carry optics like everyone else with bad eyesight...:)
  4. You could actually do "shooting" scenarios online. Have a shooter doing his thing and the instructor go through what was wrong, where to best stand etc. etc. Frankly its a good thought for a best practices tips videos. As an SO/RO (depending on match), I'd love some sort of best practices session or videos like that.
  5. In addition to all these points: look up USPSA stages as well. They can give you ideas. Clubs I am at have often adopted USPSA stages with minor tweeks to make things different. Facebook has a USPSA and ISPSC Stage Design Page which has interesting stages that can be excellent fuel for stages.
  6. 3 gun. If they can bring a full carbine to your pistol match, they will win...
  7. Its not bad, although I prefer pasters. In central Texas the air is on fire 9 months out of the year, so that is the least of our problems.
  8. Edited per mod comment above. Apologies as I don't know how to delete.
  9. Also just common masking tape works, but I prefer pasters myself.
  10. Just an operational note. If shooting ESP you might inform the So the first time you are shooting. While legal, it is unusual and the SO may think something is wrong or might annoy you that you forgot to load your mags to 10.
  11. Are they forecasting increased manufactured ammunition before then? Directly to the topic, already seeing matches running light on people. One location that tends to run shot heavy steel matches has set up the option to only shoot half the match stages. This is despite some clubs still being shut or limited due to Da Vid.
  12. Can definitely agree on that. It seems to work in that at local competitions there are still many Glock/M&P types present.
  13. Many departments have Glock 34s on their permitted firearms lists. CZs might be more of an issue. On the flipside our department pistols have flashlights. To be clear, I am not a proponent of any change. Just because one division is more popular than another division, does not mean that division has to change. PCC and revolvers are examples.
  14. So basically removing the weight limit and relying on the production numbers requirement. I could understand that actually.
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