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  1. 1. Yes, pathetic, now imagine your grandpa doing it. 2. Now imagine your grandpa doing it with a gun. 3. Now imagine your grandpa doing it for time, with a gun. 4. Now imagine your grandpa, in the hospital room... I would not want to SO/RO that stage. Not a lot of sports include hurdles.
  2. Also, one can get a half decent PCC for $500 a couple of mags and they are good to go if they just want weekend fun.
  3. I'm old. My clothing for shooting in the rain is a nice couch and fat wiener dog demanding intensive deep tissue massage.
  4. Modified per above Mod request.
  5. Be careful how you "troll local IDPA clubs." Don't come off sounding like you are poaching them or doing the superior dance vs. IDPA.
  6. Its an excellent venue to practice low light stages, darkness stages, and stages where the lights are switched on only in certain areas. You have to watch because many floors are more slippery, substantially slowing down movement.
  7. Maybe either tied in or separately a "beginner's" USPSA match every quarter? Limit it to D or novice shooters, with regulars who can provide some simple tips? I shoot both IDPA and USPSA. When shooting IDPA I will often give pointers to new shooters. They tend to repeat and come back to my squad in later matches. This is where IDPA and USPSA could be complementary. At least in our neck, IDPA tends to pull in more novice shooters. Many drop out. Some stay. Some eventually move to USPSA or shoot both.
  8. Its on either side of the magazine (switchable).
  9. I actually like the older "rifle" style. The market is awash in AR style PCCs. Plus I think it will survive better legally over the next five years.
  10. Hey some of us suck at both, thank you very much!
  11. Can I use the cart to move between shooting positions?
  12. You joke. But if I go prone, I need someone to help me up. Each club is different and tends to do different things. Major matches will have all of that though. Shooters are doing weird John Wick Gymkata type stuff at those.
  13. Agreed. I had an idea about cutting slots into a hat like this. Insane minds think alike! This one, when you go to the website itself has the option for an optional neckflap. https://www.insideoutsafety.com.au/product/earmuff-breeze-hat/
  14. That may not be an attack. The Doodie Project is another competition shooting board I've seen, somewhat irreverent. To the sports hoodies, how does that work in the summer? Wouldn't that be a bit suffocating? Am I missing something?
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